Day 32: Trivia Tuesday!

By: Emily O’Connell

With only 10 trips out, we have a shorter blog to present tonight.  And with a shorter blog, I thought it was the perfect time to spice things up with another theme! Today, friends, is Trivia Tuesday on the Apogee blog, each entry for the trips has a trivia question and answer included!  Enjoy learning some fun facts while checking in with our trips.

New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC2):

After a great day of service yesterday, our New England hikers have hit the water.  Today they spend their entire day out in sea kayaks paddling in the beautiful (foggy) waters around Orr’s Island, ME.  Tonight, these guys are heading into Portland for their final dinner before they head out tomorrow morning.  Ten days goes by so quickly! Which state produces 90% of the country’s toothpick supply? – Maine!nemc2

Coast to Quebec A (CQ2A):

Another great riding day for Rosa and Kyle’s group as they continue to make their way toward Canada.  Today they rode through some quaint Maine towns and get some beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean at the end of their ride.  There is only one state that shares a border with only one other state, what is it? – Maine!cqa

Coast to Quebec B (CQ2B):

Off they go! After a nice day ride around the area yesterday, these guys have started riding north. Today they rode right past our office here in Brunswick before continuing down the road to Wiscasset. Today’s campsite has some beautiful views, great fields for games and a pool! Which is the only state that has one syllable in its name? – Maine!


Montana Service Adventure (MSA2):

Annika and Christian’s group cruised through some very peaceful parts of Montana without seeing many others during their journey today – and enjoyed significantly better weather than yesterday’s…  Which state has the largest number of different species of mammals? -Montana!

msaFrom yesterday’s rainy adventure


Today’s less rainy adventure!

Northwest Explorer (NWX2):

After resting up from the backcountry yesterday, these hikers have hit the rapids. Will & Becca’s crew spent the better part of the day on the Sauk River in the North Cascades doing some sweet white water rafting – apparently it was so sweet that they couldn’t send us a picture. Tomorow is a big prep day for the six-day backcountry trip that will commence on Thursday – and it’s also a day when we’ll definitely have a picture or two for you! What is a common nickname for North Cascades National Park? – the American Alps!

Pacific Coast A (PC2A):

Surfs up, PC-ers! Abby and West’s group got to take a day off of their bikes and on longboards on a picture-perfect Northern California day. They have been riding along the coast for a while now and now they can finally play in the ocean.  What is the earth’s largest ocean? – the Pacific Ocean, it covers over 30% of the earth!


Pacific Coast B (PC2B):

After an easy 10 miles of riding, these guys crossed into California this morning.  Mike and Sherry’s gang then had only 20 more miles to ride through rolling bovine pastures before camp tonight.  These guys are doing great and are getting excited for surfing tomorrow!  Which state raises more turkeys than any other? – California!pcb


Alps Explorer A (AX2A):

Welcome to the Tour de Mont Blanc! Today, Emma and Noah’s crew hopped on a bus and made their way to the beginning of their route along on of the most popular long distance hikes in Europe. These guys will be hiking 105 miles over 13 days, that’s impressive! How many feet of elevation gain are there on the TMB? –  more than 31,000 feet!!axa



Alps Explorer B (AX2B):

Tim and Ally’s group hiked another 18 km on the Tour de Mont Blanc today. They continued through the French Alps on a route that took them along stunning ridge lines and down into the Chamonix valley. Where does the TMB typically start/finish?” -Les Houches, France! And as a matter of fact, Les Houches is where these Alpsters are staying tonight – we start in Switzerland, because, you know, why be normal?  axb

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

While enjoying more of Arizona’s beautiful terrain, this crew covered 66 more miles as they roared along the hills toward Pine. Their ride included a truly impressive 25-mile climb! As a reward for conquering that hill, then they got a downhill for about 10 miles! What is the official neckwear of Arizona? -the bolo tie! (see picture)


A perfect example of a bolo tie!