Day 29: Pushin’ On!

By: Annika Nygren

Day 29: Why hello there wide world of Apogee, so lovely to see you again! I am back from a fabulous two days off on the beach in Saco, ME with a field-hockey teammate and feeling super fueled-up to write this blog post after a much needed dose of vitamin D! Unfortunately, we have three trips leaving us this afternoon (fare thee well VM, CMC and CSA!), but we are looking forward to trip starts from NEMC and CI tomorrow! Without further ado, I bring you this Thursday in the Apogee world:

Vermont to Montreal (VM): We must say a tearful goodbye to Abby and Reuben’s team as they depart from Montreal and split off on their separate ways to go home and reminisce on all the good times from Vermont all the way up to Canada.

IMG950539Wait a second, did you guys plan this?


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.38.37 AMAbby still has some energy! Looks like she wore them all out (sleep tight, Reuben!)… 

California Mountains and Coast (CMC): “One last cuddle puddle in the airport” is by far one of the cutest texts I have heard from a leader captioning their picture. Looks like these coasters had a wonderful trip together and we will miss hearing from Emma and Dylan! Congratulations guys and safe travels home!IMG_9090

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA): New Apo swag looking super fresh in that Caribbean heat. Will and Lucy had an amazing time with these service-working hiker-surfers. It was hard saying goodbye to the palm trees, but everyone is stoked about their tan lines and new friends!IMG_2469

Coast to Quebec (CQA): Mike and Mary’s squad are cruising on their way up to Jackman (first 55-mile day – woot woot!) and took a quick stop to check out this lovely view on our way up to camp! Mmmm – and a nice breeze, too!  Rafting and gorgeous weather tomorrow!


Coast to Quebec (CQB): Big ride today for Sherry and Pete’s group. They got up early this morning to start riding, and are making such great time they took a break to climb around on this playground. Who knew you could fit 11 CQers on one slide?! I for sure didn’t. Gearing up for their big ride up to Jackman tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.07.06 AM

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX): Beautiful day hike in Acadia today! The gang is pumped for their day hike up Gorham Mountain and the group is in high spirits.

IMG_1208Apogee’s New Yorker Caption Contest:  Your Caption Here…

IMG_8683Summit Selfie!

IMG_0612Just another lousy day in Acadia NP….

Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Nice 40-mile ride for Hannah and Opie’s group in a bear of a headwind today! We talked to Chris at lunch with eight miles to go – he said it’s been slow and low, but spirits are high and progress is being made.  Tomorrow, these superstars will be doing service with the Helena Community Garden! No pictures as of press time, but they should be able to send us a bunch tomorrow.

Northwest Explorer (NWX): Into the back country they go! Izzy and Johns group are stoked about venturing through the Olympic National Park for the next couple of nights! (This means no pics are likely for the next two nights…)

20140724_100350Here’s the squad at the trailhead! 


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.31.50 PMWho’s excited for the BC?! John’s excited! As is that deer-type animal in the background!

Pacific Coast (PCA): Matt and Jeanne rode through some quintessential Oregon views today and sent us a shot of the start-shaped slepping arrangement under the stars last night. They reported a strong ride today and a yummy dinner on the way!IMG_5399

IMG_1060Beach side hang yesterday evening.

Pacific Coast (PCB): Riding up and over the famously intimidating Seven Devils today and in the words of Trevor and Kate: “Smiling and crazy! Conquering seven devils, no shirt required”.

IMG_8128 IMG_3392

Alps Explorer (AX): First day of two in Fietsch, another beautiful Swiss Alpine town. After some amazing hiking in Zermott, the group is eager to start the Tour du Mont Blanc in just two days! Chad talked to Jack and CC tonight – our Swiss pals report very high spirits, despite damp weather today. They’re looking forward to a great hike along the Aletsch Glacier tomorrow (and the weather looks better, too…).  Pictures are almost guaranteed for tomorrow night!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA and B): The groups have joined forces and are enjoying a gorgeous night in Glurns (or “Glorenza” in Italian – because, my friends, our ECC buds have crossed their final border and are now in Bella Italia!!), a lovely, well-preserved medieval village in the Adige River Valley. I know we say this a lot about our ECC trips, but boy-oh-boy was today’s ride beautiful! Maybe even the single best day of riding on the entire trip. Breathtaking views every step of the way as Nick, Christine, Mia and Jeremy’s groups took on three countries today (Austria – Switzerland (for about half an hour of riding) – and then Italy! We are in the home stretch folks, just three riding days left to Venice!  Oh – and we should get some pics tomorrow, too!

America Coast to Coast (ACC1): Last day in New Mexico and Josh and Laura’s team faced the biggest climbs of their journey thus far on their ride into Datil. Desert riding coming up next… in Arizona!! They are so close!!IMG_7359

America Coast to Coast (ACC2): Riding to Socorro, NM today with gorgeous skies and marvelous mountains in sight! Rest day tomorrow for Sam and Ally’s group. Well deserved!


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.42.34 PM


Another day, another set of adventures. Stay tuned: tomorrow’s post I have already dubbed as “Fun Fact Friday.” I hope everyone has a wonderful evening! It is sunny and warm up here in good ‘ol Brunsiwck, ME.