Day 27 – The Rewards to Training – Part 1

On June 15, our 23 leaders and support staff arrived in Brunswick for 10 days of leader training. It’s one of my favorite parts of our season…but also one of the most exhausting.

Chad and I run ourselves a bit ragged making sure that our leaders get the most out of our time together. We put our heart and souls into training, hoping the energy we put into the experience for our leaders will translate into well run, safe growing experiences for your kids. And without sounding too sure of ourselves…I think we did a pretty good job this year. I’m basing that on how quiet it’s been (for the most part) this summer. We’ve had or have our issues…like the call today from a leader saying some tent poles broke…but that’s minor. Training was tough work…but we think it paid off.

So…getting off my soap box…here’s today’s news in a nutshell.

Lidia and Alex’s group on PC2 were into camp by 11:30 AM. Downside of the trip so far…it’s been cold out there. Upside…the sun came out when Lidia called this afternoon. Temperatures had warmed, and they were headed to the beach. Here’s a shot of the group from yesterday.

Spoke to Rachel & Sam of PC1 this afternoon. Everything was going very well — spirits were high, the scenery was gorgeous. Below is a shot of the group fueling up last night on smores for dessert.

ACC continues to crush their mileage. They arrived into Socorro, NM at 3 PM MST. They’re looking forward to a well deserved day of rest off the bikes tomorrow.