Day 25 – Efficiency

Sam here, enjoying the last hours of quiet here in the office before the possible zaniness of 5 trip starts sets in tomorrow.  The summer, from my perspective, has been super smooth.  Hopefully this trend will continue tomorrow with student flights to trip starts and destinations around the world (fingers crossed).

Today there was nothing but good news of smiles and efficiency from the field.  We have 2 trips in the NAPP category (Need a Photo Please!) – Downeast Explorer (DEX) and California Mountains & Coast (CMC).

DEX: Another morning in Maine’s Isle au Haut Bay means we are without a photo from CC & Jack’s group. They come off the water this aftenoon and will celebrate CC’s birthday this evening.  Happy birthday CC!! Tomorrow they head to Acadia NP for several days of gorgeous hiking.

CMC: Today was another day spent kayaking Scorpion Bay in the unbelievably beautiful Channel Islands. Unfortunately, sea kayaking (and cell phone service in the Channel Islands) eliminates the ability to send picture messages (darn nature), so we won’t hear from them until tomorrow.

CI: A last day together exploring Boston. Having fun in the fountain (notice some of the students not wearing shoes) was followed by a quick sun dry and some games in the Commons.  The group has a wonderful final dinner planned near Fenway tonight.

VM: Here is Pat and Julie’s in New York looking…lost.  They actually covered their mileage for the day in record time (they’re a fast group), which left them spare time to explore all sorts of crazy places (like New York).

CQA: This group continues to vanquish mileage like it’s no big deal, as they were in to Damariscotta, ME by 9:15 this morning with only 15 miles left to go!   They spent a little bit of time exploring, and then were on their way to see the iconic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse this afternoon. Over at Pemaquid they got to lay their eyes on a baby seal, which they appropriately named Apo.

CQB: Stopping by Kevin’s house this morning to fix some technical issues allowed this group to be introduced to Sam and Jack Cashman, who happen to also be featured in their photo for today. The group is very happy to be together, and are now truly on their way to Quebec. In true CQ fashion they are also moving right along, as they were just a mile or two outside of camp by 1 PM.

NEMC: Although usually out of cell phone range, this impressive group of hikers got high enough on their summit of Mt. Avalon to send me a photo!  Tomorrow they will pack up camp and move to the other side of Mt. Washington, where they will spend a few more days hiking in the White Mountains.

ACC1: A quick 75 miles today brought the group to Roswell, NM, home to the 1947 crash site of a UFO.  The group will spend the night here, hanging with the aliens, before pushing west into the Rockies tomorrow! They spent this afternoon taking a swim in the local pool.

ACC2: Mike, Danika & Co. are fighting the good fight as I write this, and are charging towards Brownfield, their last stop in TX.  As you can see, they tried to hitch a ride on a boat – silly people.  Today is one of the group’s longest rides of their journey, but they’re making great time. Tomorrow…New Mexico.