Day 24 – Not So Quiet

How about a virtual round of applause for our celebrity guest blogger? None other than Kevin Cashman was steering you around the wide world of Apogee yesterday — and if you ask me, he did a terrific job. So much so that I think we should see more of him in the blog — don’t you agree? I think everyone should email Kevin and demand that he write more often. Much more often…

Another huge day for Apogee — trips ending, trips starting, trips chugging on. First — wrapping it up after a very successful eleven days on the Cape were both Lucas and Danika’s group and Wyatt and Chrissy’s group. Both groups really enjoyed hanging out in Boston yesterday, where, apparently, a lot of “Ninja” was played, particularly by Wyatt and Chrissy’s group. Whatever that means.

To the North and East our Coast to Quebecers are still more “Coast” than “Quebec” but that is about to change. Both groups are absolutely flying through their miles. Andy and Corley sent me the below shot of the group taking a strategically-arranged break this morning before wrapping up their ride in Camden. And down the coast a bit (or “up” the coast, if we’re going to stick with the Maine vernacular), Pete and Jess’s group made it into camp by 1:30 this afternoon! They sent the second shot below — it’s the group pausing before crossing the long Wiscasset bridge.

We haven’t heard from Drew and Rachel’s Downeast Explorers since they came off of the water in Stonington today, but I did chat briefly with their outfitter. She told me that the group was doing very well and that their guides were very impressed with the group. I have no evidence that Drew and Rachel paid her to say that — and we should be hearing from them later today or tomorrow.

Our New England Mountains and Coasters are enjoying their last full day together — they had a blast on the water this afternoon, and were looking forward to a big night out in Portland when we heard from David. By the way, I don’t believe we mentioned this the other day, but they hit three peaks on their last big hiking day in the Whites — each over 4,000 feet! They sent in the below shot of the group taking in the view from the top of Mt Lafayette on Saturday.

Way, way out west, two new trips started today. As I’m writing, Mike and Annie’s group of Northwest Explorers had all made it into Seattle and the group was making their way into the woods. They are staying local tonight and then heading over to the mind-bogglingly beautiful Olympic National Park tomorrow. Down the coast a bit, both groups of our Pacific Coast trip were still gathering at the Eugene airport before alighting for the coast. Once they’re all in, it will be nothing but the sweet, sweet smell of the ocean — colored slightly by the, umm, less sweet smell of dirty bike clothes — all the way down to San Francisco.

And speaking of converging on California, check out the below shot of our crew leaving the Texas plains they’ve come to know and love — they’ve traded those plains for, well, more plains. But these plains are in New Mexico, so it’s completely different — and they really are making their way towards the arroyos and mountains of western New Mexico and Arizona. They’re now only three short states away from the beach! I should report, too, that they made it into camp today by 10:20 AM, local time. Apparently, we’ll need to make this trip harder for next summer…