Day 23: Oh, the Places You’ll Go

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” You all have probably encountered this popular quote before, but there is something just too perfect about the way Dr. Seuss creates adventure, mystery, and excitement in four short lines. In today’s blog, we’ll get to see where today has taken our Apogee students, what they have accomplished, and everything in between! While “Boom Bands” and “Hakken-Kracks” may be absent from this story-telling, we assure you no shortage of tenacity and smiles.


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

Maine Coast Junior had an early morning when they said their farewells. It was a heartfelt goodbye but these kiddos are off to their own great places (a.k.a. home)! This is but the first adventure of many more to come! We love you, MCJ-ers!

Bear! Look out!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Today opened up a new door for Cape Cod & the Islands as they sang their way along the Cape Cod Rail Trail. They made the ride extra fun by creating an Apo-musical. We wish we could post audio on the blog, because we heard it was an incredible tune!

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

Today brought NEMCA to Apogee’s home in Brunswick, Maine! They shopped around Brunswick and got to walk along the beautiful coastline. To finish up the day, NEMCA devoted some time to community service in the Topsham Land Trust community garden!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… weed??

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains A (CRMA)

‘Twas the last day for CMCA, so an early-bird breakfast was enjoyed by all before everyone parted ways and headed home… Except perhaps trip leader Teddy, who appears to have made other arrangements. Best of luck to these kiddos throughout the rest of their summer adventures!

Goodnight, Teddy!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains B (CRMB)

Today marked the end of CRMB’s trip, as well. With heavy hearts, these students went their separate ways and headed back home. We were sad to see them go, but we know they’ll carry the Apogee spirit with them as they continue adventuring this summer! Unfortunately, early-morning flights and groggy eyes are not conducive to blog photos. Happy trails to all our traveling CRMB kiddos!

Caribbean Service (CS)

Today was the first day on Vieques for the CS squad! They played frisbee on the beach and explored the rich culture Vieques has to offer. Today also held more community service in store for CS, where they sorted non-perishable foods and helped organize hurricane preparedness supplies in the area. What a wonderful group of humans doing wonderful things!

Hands in the air!!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

Today was sunny and bright for DEXA as they hiked The Beehive, an Acadia classic, and enjoyed some stunning sights of Maine! Fish nibbled at their toes as they got some much needed rest & relaxation during their lunch break. Nothing but smiles and sunshine with this crew! 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

This wonderful day took DEXB farther along the Appalachian Trial! They hiked around Rainbow Lake and stopped at a beautiful spot for lunch and a swim. The epic view of Katahdin was a huge bonus (literally)! Day 6 of their 13-day adventure: another great one in the books!

Yeeehaw! Katahdin!

Vermont to Montréal A (VMA)

Today took VMA to the Intervale Center for community service, where we hear they planted 1,900 trees! They then enjoyed a full day in Burlington, where they ambled and explored the city. On its rest day, VMA treated itself to the (in)famous Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster, which was heartily devoured. Fueled and energized by their grand ice cream feast, this crew is ready to hop back on its bikes tomorrow and keep rolling toward Montreal. Oh, Canada, here they come!


Vermont to Montréal B (VMB)

Today gave VMB a much-deserved break from the road and put them on the beautiful waters of Lake Champlain! They finished their day with 12 miles of riding through Shelburne and into Burlington – wahoo! Go VMB!

Leader selfie with happy kids in tow!
Banana boat!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Today CRMC adventured through the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve at the base of Chirripo! Together, they checked out some sweet waterfalls and explored the stunning rainforest. Lots of smiles on day 5 of this exploration!

Lunch with a view
Matching face paint or sunscreen? You decide.

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

CMCA can’t wait to head into the backcountry tomorrow! Immersed in California’s stunning nature, they’ve come across larger-than-life trees and pine cones galore, making for a days filled with giant rewards and accomplishments!

Pine cones and campers and trees – Oh my!!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

Today was a travel day for CMCB. They toured Sacramento, California in their trusty van, journeying onward toward their next adventure! A glorious lunch was had and games were played. We only wish we had photos to share – with their sights set on the backcountry, CMCB had trouble sending them our way, but we’re hoping they might trickle in before the group heads out on their epic adventure!

Pyrenees Mountains & Coast (PMC)

PMC managed to attain some ever-elusive cell service and sent us some incredible photos of their epic adventure! YAY! Today PMC hiked from Refugi d’Estany Llong to Refugi Colomina, a roughly 12-kilometer trek through some beautiful terrain. Pictures! Smiles! Happy Campers!

This picture is so good, it got a coveted feature on the Apo Instagram (@apogee.adventures)

Scottish Highlands (SH)

Today took the Scottish Highlands folks – you guessed it – over more moors! (phunny I know) They traveled down Old Military Road and explored the beautiful area of Glenoce. What an amazing day for these Scottish travelers!

Scottish fog makes a candid appearance
A hiking trail built for kings & queens!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC)

Today brought ECC to a huge highlight of their trip: the Alps!! It was their first day biking through the beautiful mountains and we’ve got pictures here to prove it! ECC logged 66 kilometers of scenic riding and took some celebratory selfies at the top of their big climb. Go team!

That’s an Alps selfie if ever I’ve seen one

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

Today took ACC1 through Texas, Texas, and more Texas! A beautiful 88 miles were crushed on this day, and the kids couldn’t be prouder. Although weather was hot, the group was in high spirits as they stopped for a short break at a small gas station and sought out some well-deserved shade. Keep on keeping on, ACC1!

Wistfully wishing for more shade
107 miles and smiling?! SUPERSTARS!

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

Today is the best day; today is a rest day! ACC2 was able to enjoy a well-earned day off from the road and relaxed in Jacksonboro, Texas. They enjoyed the local swimming pool and were able to stay indoors in the company of a luxury box blowing cool air (commonly referred to as an Air Conditioner) – what a foreign treat! ACC2 is officially more than halfway to San Diego! Wahoo!!