Day 16: Sweet Sixteen


It’s Day 16 of the Apogee summer, and a sweet one at that! Today is a day of ups and downs (literally in some cases): rest days and high mileage, resupplying and epic hikes! It’s all a part of the Apogee experience. Regardless of the itinerary, our groups are enjoying the local sites, such as the last few days of the Tour du Mont Blanc and the Olympic National Park backcountry. Part of trip-time immersion includes a BBQ lunch in Arkansas for ACC2, and a scenic drive to northern Maine for NEMC. Not to mention it’s Bastille Day, and the ECC trips just so happened to be in France. Sweet indeed!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

After their big hike yesterday, NEMC resupplied and headed up to northern Maine. After a well-deserved rest, they’re crossing their fingers for good weather to raft tomorrow.

What a site!
Campsite fun!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

After a gorgeous sunrise this morning, our CRM gang enjoyed a beautiful hike along the Poudre River, and (maybe due to their excellent elk impressions), spotted their first elk of the trip! They also took a pit stop at the Alpine Visitor’s Center, the highest elevation Visitor’s Center in the US National Park system!

Views for miles!
Some wild elk !!
Sunrise in Colorado!!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Jack & Jane’s MCCE squad continued to prepare for the college application process today. They revised essays and had an interview skills workshop, which included a handshake demo. Afterwards, they were able to relax on the beach.

What firm handshakes!
Whose number one? These kids

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

Today marked Apogee’s first ever MCP photography showing, which took place outside of a local library in Boothbay Harbor, ME. The art showing was a smashing success, highlighting the phenomenal work our group has prepared over the last week together. Tonight, they capped off their trip with a celebratory final dinner in Booth Bay.

A panoramic picture of people holding pictures!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA)

It was a monumental day for our Montanites today; after conquering the 12-mile hill on the famous “Going to the Sun Road” this morning, they crossed the Continental Divide (6,646 ft) and enjoyed the 33-mile downhill that followed.

The sign, the leis, the mountains… I can’t pick my favorite part of this picture.


Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

Rest day for NWXA! They caught some zzz’s this morning and spent some time exploring the quaint town of Bellingham. Tomorrow they’ll test their sea legs when their multi-day kayaking trip through the San Juan Islands begins!

Ready for Apo-prom!

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

NWXB is in Day 3 of their backcountry explorations today. We are becoming increasingly jealous of their time in Olympic National Park, and increasingly excited for PICTURES!!

Pacific Coast (PCA)

Grace & Ryan led the way through 49 miles of fun today! Thanks to PCA for pointing out their 49 miles and its significance to California, and San Francisco in particular – I guess you could say their day was gold

Mixtape dropping soon! PC Support Mark is still rocking the faded denim. Curious when he will grow out the mullet?

Pacific Coast (PCB)

The past few days have been full of high mileage and larger hills. But today my friends… is a sweet, sweet rest day in the lovely little coastal town of Mendocino, CA. Enjoy it, PCB!

The gang’s all here (I spy Miles)!

Scottish Highland Explorer (SHX)

SHX experienced the High Routes today, a challenging but beautiful part of the highlands. Those lucky lads and lassies! It’s hard to believe that this was their second to last day on the Great Glen Way!

A perfect place to pause!
Bridge … of friendship
Onward! I wanted to use a Braveheart quote but they were all too violent for this peaceful hike!

Alps Explorer (AXA)

Today was AXA’s last full day in Italy, and they spent it surrounded by gorgeous views, many cows, and la bella vita. Tonight, they’ll enjoy their third and final rifugio (including real beds & an authentic Italian four-course meal) before crossing the border back to Switzerland tomorrow!

Moooove over! Cows!!!
Trekkin’ on
Sandwiches? Croissants? Either way, very excited
More cows! Just kidding 🙂

Alps Explorer (AXB)

It’s hard to believe that our AX Barracuda team is just steps away from hitting the 100 mile mark of the TMB. Tonight marks the last night along the world famous route, and tomorrow, they’ll be back to civilization! Word is, the last day of the TMB is home to many elves along the trail… let us know what you see, AXB!

Check out all those trekking poles!
Unbelievably scenic!!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA)

Some bigggggggggg downhills and some biggggggggg uphills for ECCA today. Obviously, they’re more than prepared for this and glided into Strasbourg, France today.

Where’s Red?
There he is!!!!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCB)

A beautiful day of riding for ECCB as they head to the hills! Today they biked to Celles-sur-Plaine via the Vosges Mountains.

Ready to ride!
A sunny Chandler selfie
Windmills, open fields, serious bikers. So Euro

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

REST DAY! No biking today and instead plenty of relaxing. They’ve got a big ride tomorrow, which will mark their last day in Arkansas. Unfortunately, no pictures today, but you can rest assured that many hours of sleep were slept today.

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

Over Mississippi and through Arkansas they go! A big 90-mile ride for these speed demons will be rewarded with a shorter day tomorrow into their rest day.

ARKANSAS : The natural state. What does that mean?
Tim’s shadow is a nice touch
Panorama on the bridge: most clever pic of the day