Day 15: All for fun, fun for all!

So much happens in a single day on an Apogee trip.  From sun-up to sun-down, these students are always busy– even on their rest days! Whether a student is on a biking, hiking, service, or writing trip, the day is guaranteed to be filled to the brim with fun.  Today was no exception! Mountains were summited, hills were conquered, friends were made, towns were explored, food was devoured and above all…fun was had! Here’s a sneak peak into a day in the life.


New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Our NEMC students had an action packed day today.  They took an exciting day hike up Cathedral Ledge, a very popular spot for rock climbers.  They reached a beautiful and iconic granite lookout with rockin’ views for miles. They spent the rest of the day exploring North Conway, a quaint little New Hampshire town that is a popular spot for hikers in the White Mountains.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

These adventurers took a beautiful hike today before heading into Rocky Mountain National Park.  They snuck in a special stop at the Alpine Visitor Center, the highest elevation Visitor Center in the entire National Park System. Despite their best efforts, minimal cell service prevented a blog picture from making it’s way to us in Brunswick.

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Today our GSA students are exploring the foothills of Santa Barbara and trekking along the Snyder trail in Los Padres National Forest.  Hiking boots were broken in, bonds were created and smiles were had by all! Something tells us they have a fondness for puns…

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Today our MCCE students were all business.  They ventured to Bowdoin College to work on their essays and hopefully gain a little inspiration. Have no fear, they snuck some fun in there as well! Who says learning can’t be fun!?

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

In a true embodiment of the name of the trip, CRLS had a morning of language and…you guessed it! An afternoon of service.  These students crushed some Spanish this morning and then headed out to give back to the community that is so graciously hosting them. Today they split their time between working with indigenous women and at a kids camp! ¡Buen trabajo! (Good job!)

So studious!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

It is with heavy hearts that we say adiós to our CRMC crew. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this photo says it all. Thanks for a great trip!

Never letting go!

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

Breaking news- NWXA has emerged from the woods and has rejoined civilization! Wow did we miss you all. Welcome back!

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

Deep in the thickness of the backcountry, our NWXB students are frolicking in the wildflowers, cooking over camp stoves and sleeping under the stars. Tonight they are camped right next to the original sound machine, the raging rivers. Sleep tight sweet students!

Pacific Coast (PCA)

Oh what a glorious day! Today PCA got to soak in a full day of rest, relaxation and exploration! They spent the morning snoozing their alarm clocks, eating a yummy breakfast and then headed into Mendocino to explore the rugged coastline.  Unlike their bikes, PCA was not “two-tired” to have a full day!

Pacific Coast (PCB)

At about a third of the way into their ride, PCB arrived at the California coast! They ate lunch at the beach before hopping back in the saddle and tackling some serious inclines. In the words of leader, Andrew, “Hills = crushed.” Welcome to the ocean, PCB (we think it’s right there through the fog!)

Alps Explorer (AX)

Today our Alps team got to revel in a well-deserved rest day.  They enjoyed a slow morning with a pancake breakfast and then explored the vibrant ski town of Courmayeur, Italy that sits at the foot of Mont Blanc. Although they won’t be hitting the slopes, they still got to see some serious views! And Jack almost touched the peak!

Pancakes- what a treat!

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

Today our ECC1 crew continued riding on the Tour de France route (AMAZING!), tackling some enormous climbs and cruising down beautiful tree-lined paths. They explored Toul, France home of the quiche loraine, some mathematicians and the beautiful Cathedral St. Etienne pictured below.

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

ECC2 on Day 2 of their rest day! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay! My, oh, my, what a wonderful day! Needless to say, fun was had by all!

America Coast to Coast (ACC)

This morning these champions crushed 50 miles! Just a casual start to the day.  Sporting their matching outfits, this team is a sight to see in Arkansas.  They are “wheelie” looking forward to their rest day tomorrow! Great work!