Day 13 – Updates from The Apogee Mouse Clubhouse!

Disney films…a part of all of our childhoods (and adulthoods!). Filled with whimsy, adventure, and magic, we felt there was no better way to describe our Apogee trips than through these timeless tales. Here at the office, we like to think of ourselves as Inside Out, the ‘top-secret’ headquarters that makes the Apogee blog brain go ‘round. Check out what our favorite stars have been up to today!

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Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

The Lion King

The Lion King is a fitting choice for the AKMC crew as they wrapped up their trip and said their final goodbyes today. While we will miss them dearly, the circle of an Apogee trip, much like the circle of life, goes on. Although their glacial adventure may be at a close, the group is leaving with full hearts, knowing that good times were had and lifelong memories were made. So long, AKMC!

Alps Explorer A (AXA)


Our fearless AXA hikers tackled another day on the Tour du Mont Blanc, complete with epic views of Mont Blanc herself as they passed through Vallee des Glaciers to Col de la Seigne. The group was rewarded for their hard work with a border crossing from France to Italy via the stunning, alpine town of Courmayeur! Much like the Disney movie Onward, the crew has been embarking on a magical quest across the Alps, all while becoming more and more of a family each day.


Alps Explorer B (AXB)


AXB was “Frozen” in place today as they enjoyed another hard-earned rest day! Taking a break from snowy mountain passes, the team enjoyed a nice, slow morning, complete with freshly baked croissants. After a delicious lunch, the crew had what sounds to us like an awesome afternoon activity: everyone hosted a twenty minute activity of their choice! There was everything from hacky sack, learning a cheer stunt, experimenting with new hairstyles, and listening to a mountain meditation (complete with cucumber eye patches). After calling home, AXB said hello to AXA! The close partnership between these two sister trips reminds us of another set of inspiring sisters by the names of Elsa and Anna. 

Caribbean Service Puerto Rico (CSPR)

Pirates of the Caribbean 

Perhaps we were a little on the nose with this one, but CSPR’s day in Old San Juan, with its beautiful 500-year old streets and fascinating history of pirates, navies, and scandal, reminded us of Pirates of the Caribbean. The day of exploration around the city was a fitting reward to cap off their incredible service trip. Finishing off their day with a delicious final dinner, the crew surely shared laughter, memories, and reflections on their incredible past two weeks.

Caribbean Service Virgin Islands (CSVI)

Finding Nemo

These Islanders spent another morning working with the Ocean Foundation’s St. Croix Turtle Project, a branch of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The group worked to pull invasive species off the beach, and afterwards went for a well-deserved swim at Sandy Point. As our volunteers are helping make the ocean a cleaner, safer place for its wildlife, we felt there was no better movie to describe them than Finding Nemo. Crush and his gaggle of turtles give their thanks to our volunteers! Following their service work was a celebratory dinner at the town of Christiansted, along with stops at unique souvenir shops and a colorful boardwalk!



Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)


Up tells a tale of adventure and discovery, which is a fitting summary for this crew’s incredible past two weeks exploring Costa Rica. Today, they made one last journey to the town of Alajuela, where they enjoyed a delicious final dinner while reflecting on the highlights of their trip. We believe that all their amazing memories would fill up the entirety of their own “Adventure Book”! 


Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

Beauty and the Beast

After a thrilling Parisian tour yesterday, the ECC1 group enjoyed a true day of rest and relaxation in the quaint town of Epernay, France. Reminiscent of Belle’s iconic hometown in Beauty and the Beast, Epernay is a perfect taste of life in the picturesque French countryside. We hope our bikers had time to sing and dance their hearts out before resting up for another fun day on the road tomorrow!

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)


It was only natural to select Ratatouille as ECC2’s Disney film du jour after hearing about their awesome day of exploration in Paris! After a fun train ride into the city from their campsite this morning, these adventurers set off for a fun-filled day of eating and sightseeing. These culinary adventurers enjoyed lots of modern French classics like nutella crepes, kebabs, and a pizza dinner! They saw landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and lots of cool shops and architecture! Fantastique!




Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Treasure Island

These Californians wrapped up their journey today by exploring the city of San Francisco! After a relaxing morning on the beach, souvenir hunting and a celebratory dinner were on the docket. We felt the swashbuckling tale Treasure Island, with its coastal waves and thirst for adventure, perfectly encapsulated the spirit of our Golden State Adventurers! We think this crew discovered the best kind of treasure on their trip – awesome memories and new friends!



Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Alice in Wonderland

Iceland’s unique, colorful natural features often look otherworldly, similar to the fantastical Wonderland! Today took our campers to the capital city of Reykjavik, where they visited the bustling Rainbow Street and Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral. Reminiscent of the Red Queen’s court, the roofs in Reykjavik are often painted a lively, firetruck red, adding some whimsy to the city’s architecture. After taking in the sights, the group had an Icelandic feast, ending their final night with full bellies and lots of laughter. 


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

The Incredibles

These DEXers are truly superheroes. After sleeping under the stars last night, they paddled back to the mainland via the ultimate form of transportation…kayaking! The fearless group traveled even faster than Dash, the Incredibles’ resident speedster. A celebratory final dinner in Portland was in store for the evening, along with exploring all the shops and sights the coastal city has to offer. This group is truly incredible

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Into the Woods

Today our NEMC campers officially ventured Into the Woods! And what better way to be introduced to the lush, green forests of New Hampshire’s White Mountains than with a day hike! Making it to the peak of Mt. Willard is an incredible feat, and although it’s their first hike as a group, friendships are forming fast as the trek was filled with smiles and laughter. 



Northwest Explorer (NWX)

A Bug’s Life

On their fifth day in the backcountry, these rugged adventurers are likely starting to understand what it means to live A Bug’s Life. Accomplishing their longest, but most rewarding, hike of the North Cascades trail today, our campers happily set up their tents for one final night under the backcountry stars. We can’t wait to see their flicks from the journey tomorrow! 

Pacific Coast (PC)


The Pacific Coast crew certainly went the distance today as they biked down the Avenue of the Giants. They crushed their hilly ride through the Redwoods and along the Eel River, proving that their strength is of a herculean kind. With all this talk of giants, distance, and fantastic feats, it’s no wonder why the Disney movie of the day for this crew is Hercules!



Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

Sleeping Beauty

We chose Sleeping Beauty as this crew’s Disney film because we said “goodnight” to PMC1 today! Not to mention, some of the stunning views that we’ve caught glimpses of throughout their time in the Pyrenees have looked straight out of a fantasy movie. No need for a spinning wheel here, though; this band of explorers will sleep easy, knowing they spent the past two weeks crushing spectacular hikes, exploring new places, and making lifelong memories together.

Vermont to Montreal (VM)


After their incredible achievement of officially passing into Montreal yesterday, we coined these speedsters the film Bolt, which stars an electric fast, superstar canine. A well-deserved reward for our bikers was a day spent exploring all the city has to offer, from its stunning waterfronts, unique Gothic architecture, and of course, a celebratory final dinner full of smiles and laughter. What a ride!