Day 13: New Chapters.

Today is a day of transitions in the big Apo-world, and we like to think of each ending as a new beginning and each day on trip as a new chapter in a bigger story. We had three trips end yesterday and two more come to a close today; CQ approaches Canada while MSA gets to Glacier Park; and, of course, both of our ACC trips are crossing state lines today, to name a few of today’s big steps forward. Trip ends also mean trip starts coming up for those leaders, and everyone still out on the road is excitedly updating us on their progress as they open new chapters each day. 

There are fewer photos today because three pairs of leaders are between trips–we’ll try to make up for it with quality! 

VM: Vermont to Montreal is over now and the group is on the road coming back as I type. We got some great pictures from Laura late yesterday after the last day in the city. Très bien!


CQ A & B: Both our CQ groups will be in Jackman tonight! Group A has been rafting today with some of the coolest guides on the Kennebec, and Posie and Postyn’s crew is just rolling in from Greenville. No service for sending pictures still, but we can applaud them from a distance for getting over a major “hump” in the riding. After a night hanging out, the two groups will say goodbye until Quebec! Yeeehaa!

DEX: Izzy keeps getting magical cell service at the top of mountains! Here’s a silly shot of the group on the Appalachian Trail. They have tonight still on the trail and tomorrow they’ll come out and get ready for their Katahdin summit! Onward and upward!


CSA: Dylan and Hannah’s crew is still living it up on Vieques. They are in one of the most beautiful places in the world and doing awesome service projects. Here’s a shot of the crew working on painting a local school. 


CMC: The Californians are done today, saying their goodbyes and hopping on their flights back home. Trip endings are always bittersweet, but we know these guys will stay in touch! CC and Jack only had great things to say about the trip when we spoke on the phone this morning.


MSA: Kelly and Garth’s group has crossed into Glacier!! This is an unbelievably beautiful park, and they are keeping their eyes peeled for mountain goats, marmots, and moose! Here’s a shot of the crew during their ride:


PC A: Ally’s group has been scavenging on their way south–they found a skull of some sort (a new lucky mascot!) as well as a bunch of awesome wild berries! Tim and Ally are shown here giving their best wild west tough stares. And last night’s dessert was a hit!


PC B: Mia and Jeremy’s group is roaring on into the redwoods and loving the road, despite the hot weather! They are stoked for the huge trees and are enjoying the beautiful ride. Here’s a shot of the group taking a break:


ACC 1: Welcome to Arkansas! The crew crossed the Mississippi today! I spoke with Alexis this morning and the group was doing well and stoked to cross another state line. The picture below was taken by a local fire marshal–action shot!

ACC1(2) ACC1

ACC 2: McKayla and Mike’s group is doing awesome as well, truckin’ through Dixie. They are in Mississippi now and still letting those American flags wave (despite the extra bit of wind resistance!). Ride on!

ACC2(2) ACC2

ECC: David and Anna’s group is having a blast in France and can’t wait to get into Paris tomorrow. They will have a day off the bikes to explore the city, so we should have some great photos to look forward to! Here’s a shot of the group at their campsite outside the city–looks like they got a post-ride swim in!