Apogee’s 2016 Early Bird is Taking Flight!

Heavens to Betsy, look up! It’s baaaack – flying in on the wings of a dove, heralded by sweet trumpets, and crowned with scented flowers – it is the Apogee Early Bird! Children worldwide have undoubtedly anticipated this day more hotly than their own birthday – for they know that the Early Bird bears many gifts, and that it flies only for one short month.

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The Early Bird: Here’s the scoop – If you apply for any 2016 Apogee program and pay the $795 trip deposit before the end of the day on Sunday, November 15, we will discount your tuition by $250. Yes, it really is that simple. New trips, classic trips, short trips, long trips – they all qualify. You’re welcome to pay the deposit by credit card or check. Additionally, as long as we have room, you are welcome to switch programs at any point; and if, after applying, you decide that an Apogee trip just isn’t right for you or your child in 2016, you’re welcome to a full refund of your deposit anytime before December 31.

Application:  In order to taste the sweet fruits offered by the Early Bird, we’ll need you to complete a 2016 application which can be found at www.apogeeadventures.com/application.

Contact: Please be in touch anytime with questions about our hiking, biking, service, writing, and language trips or our outstanding leaders and staff – we’re easy to reach at info@apogeeadventures.com or 207.725.7025.

DEX_2015-68These early risers are sure to catch the Bird! Don’t miss it!