And We’re Back!

By: Hannah Gensheimer

It was another amazing summer here at Apogee, and while it may be hard to believe, we’re already putting together our 2016 summer schedule. You might be sitting at home reading this blog post saying to yourself, “Man! Do those guys ever take a break?!” And while we truly work around the clock to make our trips the best they can be, let’s just say that working for an outdoor adventure company comes with numerous perks – especially in the early Fall.

Let’s start with Chad who had to fly out to Washington state where he hiked in the Olympics and North Cascades, sipped on Seattle’s finest cappuccinos, and spotted killer whales out in the San Juan Islands – all for the sake of “research” for our Northwest Explorer trip.


And then there’s Kevin, who took his family out west to check in on the biking routes of Montana as well as the unforgettable frosted peaks of Glacier National Park a couple of weeks ago. I mean, someone has to make sure our students on our Montana Service Adventure were seeing the most beautiful parts of the state!

Cashman 2015 Cashman 2015

Even Shem and I took an overnight trip along the Coast to Quebec route out to beautiful Pemaquid Point here on the rocky coast of Maine! Just call us “dedicated employees.”

Hannah & Shem

And last, but not least, Jack and Izzy made time in their busy schedule to do some leader recruitment (meaning a weekend get-away in the White Mountains with a dozen of Apogee’s finest).

Leaders in the White

But our hard work is just about to get even harder – or shall we say so much cooler? Over the past few months, we’ve been discussing Apogee’s next big adventures, and we are thrilled to let you know that Kevin, Chad, Shem, and I will be jetting off next month to the Scottish Highlands and Costa Rica’s tropical rain forest to scout out two incredible new trips for 2016 (think Scottish Highlands Explorer and Costa Rica Language and Service!) Hikes will be explored, local cuisine will be tasted, and Chad will make sure to find the most exciting zipline Costa Rica has to offer (please stay tuned for hilarious pictures of Chad ziplining through a rainforest). Let’s just say it’s going to be a good 2016. We’ll have lots more details soon – and get ready for the 2016 Early Bird Special coming up in October, too!