Day 9: No Ordinary Day

By: Isa Caliandro & Josh Goldenberg If you were looking for some musical inspiration from two songbirds of our generation, here is a Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch-inspired blog post. These two were once thought to have a rivalry and even thought by some to be the same person. Michelle Branch put all that to… Read more »

Day 7: Red, White, and aBluegee

Happy 4th of July from Apogee HQ to our dedicated fan base! We hope your day was filled with bbq, watermelon, fireworks, and all things red, white, and blue. As the voice of the young generation, Miley Cyrus, once said: “It’s a party in the USA!” Cyrus’ prolific statement certainly rings true today for our… Read more »

Day 5: Apogee Mind Over Apogee Matter

Not that we need any particular reminder, being in the young-adult adventure business and all, but today presented us with several tangible reminders of what we’re all capable of when we put our minds to it. Whether it was a sunrise hike, finishing your 50-mile ride before lunch, or completing a hike that you couldn’t… Read more »

Day 4: More miles, more fun!

Ode to Today: It’s Apogee summer Day Four, Around the globe our trips do soar, Some by foot, by bike, by oar, And we can hear their fun-filled roar Of kiddos cheering on for more, More, food, fun, and friends galore. Happy Apogee Day Four! Skip to a Specific Trip: MCJ, CI, NEMCA, NEMCB CRMA, CS, MCCE, DEXA, DEXB,… Read more »