Day 2: What’s New?

By Will Vietze A whole lot is new today – we have 18 groups meeting for the first time today – from the glorious Alps to the mist-shrouded Oregon coast all the way down to the verdant jungles of Costa Rica and many many places in between. After long months of anticipation and careful planning, our… Read more »

Day 1: Ready, Set, Go! Summer 16.0 of Apo Adventures!

Howdy folks! The sixteenth summer of Apogee trips has finally arrived and we are overflowing with joy in the office! It’s finally time to saddle up the palomino (for all those Neil Young fans out there) and head West, North, South, up, down, and around. We have a full summer of fun and adventure (and… Read more »

Day 6: A Totally Terrific Tuesday!

By: Grace Wright & Jack Messerly & Izzy Janzen It’s been another amazing day in the Apogee world. After some special and silly Fourth of July celebrations yesterday our groups are feeling good and moving forward with the next step in their respective adventures. We’ve done it all today, from sea-kayaking, to mountain climbing, to getting one… Read more »