Day 43: One For The Ages

What a day to be part of the Apo-verse! So many amazing things are taking place on our trips all around the world, it’s hard to even know where to begin. So, we may as well start with the beginning – Apogee’s beginning. None of us – our students, leaders, staff, or families – would… Read more »

Day 41: Operation Carpe Diem

With agents around the globe, Apogee Adventure spies search the world for spontaneous experiences, comradery, and good times. Simply put, our agents have the license to have the best summer ever.  Incoming updates from our operatives in the field:  Skip to a Specific Trip: AKMCA, AKMCB, AX, CI, CRMC, CS, DEXA, DEXB, GSA, IMC, NWX, PC, PMC,… Read more »

Day 40: This…Is…Apogee!

This…is…Jeopardy (Apogee edition)! Now, entering the studio are today’s contestants: AKMCA, AKMCB, AX, CI, CRMC, CS, DEXA, DEXB, IMC, NWX, PC, PMC, VMA, and VMB! They are competing for a reputation that will be cemented in the history books and a major kudos that will solidify their legacy as legends. Ready…go! Skip to a Specific… Read more »

Day 39: 13 Trips That Are Living Their Best Lives!

Kayaking on Maine’s rocky coast, visiting Iceland’s iconic waterfalls, hiking through the pristine Alps, taking in Alaska’s majestic wilderness… These trips are all so epic, you’ll wish you were out in the field with them! Skip to a Specific Trip: AKMCA, AKMCB, AX, CRMC, CS, DEXA, DEXB, IMC, NWX, PC, PMC, VMA, VMB Alaska Mountains & Coast A… Read more »