Trip Insurance Nuts & Bolts

We’ve always felt that trip insurance was a prudent investment even during a normal Apogee summer, and feel even more strongly about that in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic (you can read more here about how we plan to operate this summer with respect to Covid).

We are not in the insurance business, but we receive a lot of questions every year about trip insurance and its applicability to our programs. With the very large caveat that insurance companies may change their policies and that you really need to rely on information provided by the insurance companies, we’re providing this summary of our understanding of the utility of trip insurance for your convenience.

Per our Terms and Conditions, Apogee program payments are refundable if we have to cancel your child’s trip, whether due to the Covid-19 pandemic or for any other reason, but there are other areas of potential exposure worth insuring against.

Trip insurance can protect your investment in cases of trip interruption, travel delays, and even, in some cases, an event that happens before your child’s trip even departs (e.g., the proverbial nasty soccer sprain). Trip insurance can also provide coverage and resources in the event of medical events on trip, pandemic-related quarantines, and other unforeseen circumstances. Most plans offered in 2021, including the one we recommend (more below), offer some Covid-19 protections.

Though there may be other products on the market worth considering, Apogee recommends Travel Insured International’s Activity Insurance policies, available at Whether you purchase a policy from Activity Insurance or another provider, it is important to carefully review plan details before purchasing as there are certain restrictions, exclusions, and limitations that apply to the various insurance coverages offered.

For example, in order to have the pre-existing conditions exclusion waived and to be eligible to purchase a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policy through Activity Insurance program, you MUST purchase your policy before making your final tuition payment to Apogee.

A few additional details about the Activity Insurance plans available for purchase (the Student Deluxe Group and Student Deluxe Group CFAR plans):

Both the Student Deluxe Group Plan (the more basic plan) and the Student Deluxe Group CFAR Plan include benefits for covered trip cancellations and interruptions, medical expenses, and evacuations (and, under some circumstances, for expenses related to Covid-19 quarantine).

The Student Deluxe Group CFAR Plan is optional and available for purchase at the individual level. CFAR coverage reimburses up to 75% of the nonrefundable trip cost (subject to $10,000 maximum). Note that CFAR coverage is not available to residents of New York State.

CFAR does not take effect (i.e., you cannot make a claim under a CFAR policy) until your entire non-refundable trip cost is paid to your travel supplier/s (Apogee and your airline, if applicable).

If you purchase the more basic plan (Student Deluxe Group), you cannot add CFAR coverage at a later date – even if additional expenses are added to the trip/program.

For our enrolled families, a more detailed version of this information is available online in your CampMinder account in the Forms & Documents section.

Again, it’s worth noting one final time that Apogee is not a trip insurance company and we are providing this information as a convenience only. You should rely on the trip insurance company of your choice for up-to-date, complete information.