The (Good-Old-Not-Quite-as-Early) Early Bird is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen – it’s October, and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to mess around with lyrics to get this year’s Early Bird Tuition Discount up and running!

We know you’ve been waiting all year, so without further ado (and with many apologies to the immortal Bob Marley):

Rise up this mornin’
Smiled with the risin’ sun
[One] little [early] birds
Pitch [tuition discounts] by my doorstep
Don’t worry about a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright
Singin’ don’t worry about a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright
[if I get my application in by November 17]

That is right, friends – don’t worry about a thing, particularly if you missed our Early, Early Bird back in August, because we’re back with the Not-As-Early-But-Still-Early Bird through through Sunday, November 17!

Here are the details: if you apply for any 2020 Apogee program and pay the $795 trip deposit by the end of the day on Sunday, November 17, we will discount your tuition by $200. As has been the case in years past, the discount applies to any and all trips (even our sweet new Southwest Singletrack trip!) As ever, you are welcome to switch programs at any point as long as we have availability. Multiple kids, multiple trips? No problem at all – the Early Bird will apply to all trips and all kids who put in applications by November 17. The Early Bird is a no-risk affair, too – if you decide that an Apogee trip just isn’t right for you or your child in 2020, you’re welcome to a full refund of your deposit anytime before December 31 – no questions asked.

Application:  To fly with the Early Bird, please check out our 2020 offerings and complete an application here: (Alumni families – your application should pre-populate after you log in with last year’s information, making the application a breeze to complete.)

Contact:  Please be in touch anytime with questions about our hiking, biking (and mountain biking!), service, photography, writing, and language programs or our outstanding leaders and staff – you can find us at or 207.725.7025.

We don’t know if this fluffy little guy, pictured on one of last summer’s Golden State Adventure trips in the Channel Islands, is early or not – but he sure is cute… (Photo by Gabe Souza)

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