The Fourth

Happy Fourth folks. Hoping you’re all enjoying this splendidly hot day (at least it’s hot here in Maine). So our regular wordsmith, Mr. Chad Olcott, is enjoying a day away from the office. Which means you have me…a Geology major…to fill his shoes. So in true science fashion, here’s the data we’ve collected so far.

America Coast to Coast crushed their mileage today and made it to their Alabama destination by 2:30 PM. They seem to be running on all cylinders. Well done!

Vermont Hikers — no news yet, but they should be emerging from the backcountry later this afternoon. We’ll post news about their hike tomorrow.

Cape Cod & the Islands 1A & 1B are spending their last day together exploring Boston. I haven’t spoken to Danika or Lucas, but Chrissy, Wyatt and group were hoping to catch a late afternoon movie before their final dinner. I’ll be there tomorrow morning to help finish the trip. Look forward to seeing some of you then.

Montana Service Adventure battled some fierce headwinds today on the plains, but they are all to their destination safe and sound. Tomorrow they’ll do some service work on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. They only have 3 more actual riding days!

Coast to Quebec groups have been crushing their mileage. Pete texted me at 2 PM to say his group had arrived at their destination and that all was well. They hoped to spend the afternoon doing laundry and swimming in a local lake. Corley and Andy’s group called in to say they made it to Greenville. Corley sent this lovely picture of a few of the boys enjoying an afternoon swim in one of Maine’s many lakes. They’re hoping to watch fireworks later this evening.

And last but not least, our Caribbean Service Adventure groups are spending their last day on Vieques snorkeling and kayaking. Not a bad way to wrap up their time on the island. A recent picture of one of the groups doing service work is shown below.

That’s it for today. Chad will be back tomorrow with more pictures and witty commentary. Until then…