Peak News: The Autumn Version

It’s almost autumn and, for many folks, that means it’s time to go back to school! We hope all of our Apogee families are enjoying meeting new teachers and, while it lasts, that delightful fresh folder smell. While next summer seems far away, there are still many things happening in the Apogee world this fall. Read on for updates and info!

What was your Apogee?

We chatted with some of our 2023 alums to find out what their apogee (high point, for those of you not “in the know”) of the summer was and they had some delightful things to say. Check them out below and tell us about your apogee of the summer!

teens hiking and celebrating in pyrenees mountains

Some of our Pyrenees Mountains and Coast students celebrating a successful hike!

“My favorite part of the summer was all the people. I liked meeting all the new great people, getting to know them, and eventually just becoming a family. I loved every conversation, I loved carpool karaoke, and I loved that we all just became so tight, like, y’all are my homies now.”
– Eloise, New England Mountains and Coast

“I enjoyed hiking the most – all of our hikes were at a good challenge level and were extremely beautiful. Also, our leaders, Faerin and Megan, were outstanding. I couldn’t have asked for better leaders!”
– Parker, Alps Explorer

“My apogee of the summer was that everyone was so welcoming and fun on my trip!”
– Amelia, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Tell us about your apogee of the summer!

For those of you who have attended an Apogee trip or two (or your child has) – what was your apogee of the trip? We’d love to hear about all your favorite parts of the Apogee experience – and feature them on our blog!

Click on the link above or send it to a friend to give us your thoughts!

Also, if your Apogee alum has done something cool or exciting recently (and we know you have!), please send a blurb and photo to

We love hearing from you!

teen stands in front of iceland mountains showing off her apogee shirt

Maxxe representing Apogee in Iceland this summer!

Updates on Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

Another year has gone by in the Apogee cycle and one of our focuses every year is to improve and expand our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

There a few updates that we have shared in this blog post – check it out and see what Apogee has been up to this past year!

One of our Maine’s Downeast Explorer groups gets ready to attempt a summit of Katahdin!

Apogee Staff Feature

Featuring: Miles Bent

Many of you know Miles in one capacity or another – he’s done it all here at Apogee!

Miles was a trip leader starting way back in 2015 for our Maine Coast College Essay trip and came back for another two full summers, leading Pacific Coast in 2017 and Europe Coast to Coast in 2018. But that wasn’t enough for Miles – he joined our office staff full-time as an Assistant Director in January of 2022!

two young adults in bright yellow bike jerseys pose in front of the golden gate bridge after completing a bike trip

Miles and his co, Emma, after reaching the pinnacle of Pacific Coast 2017 – the Golden Gate Bridge!

Miles is adding to his resume right now as he leads trips for Apogee’s partner company, Parallel Adventures, in Portugal and Spain this month. Parallel cater to adults interested in independent, small-group hiking trips in very cool European locations. Miles reports that leading for Parallel, while different (and not just because of the real beds and nightly wine), is just as rewarding as leading for Apogee!

Stay tuned as Parallel’s 2024 dates will be posted in the next week or so. Write Chad at if you’d like to know more!

Guided adult trip poses with the sunset in coastal Portugal

Miles and some of his Parallel “students” enjoying a beautiful sunset on the coast of Portugal!

Calendar Turnover Upcoming!

We’ll be closing out our 2023 season next week. What that means for our 2023 families is that you will no longer have open access to your child’s End of Trip Packet through CampMinder. Login to CampMinder to download your packet now if you wish to have a copy of your child’s trip evaluation, community service hours, and photo access information!

Group of teenagers pose on a neat mountain feature in Iceland

An Iceland Mountains and Coast group takes advantage of Iceland’s amazing natural features to snap this cool photo!