Peak News: Happy Spring!

Happy Spring, everyone! It’s officially spring and, though it seems we are still getting a few rounds of snow in Maine before the weather commits to sunshine, you can just tell that the plants are ready to return in full force.

The best thing about spring, however, is that it means summer is next! We can’t wait for dreamy summer days on the trail.

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Apogee Student Alum Feature

Daniel Kramer

We are so excited to feature former Apogee student, Daniel Kramer! Daniel did three Apogee trips back in the day – New England Mountains and Coast 2012, Maine’s Downeast Explorer in 2013, and our Alps Explorer in 2014 (led by now Associate Director Jack Messerly!).

Daniel says, “These three trips played a huge role in fostering my love of the outdoors. Choosing a school with easy access to the outdoors was a huge part of my college decision, and how I found myself in the mountains of New Hampshire for four years. While I was there, I was a leader for our freshman orientation hiking trips (very much inspired by my Apogee leaders shoutout to Jack, CC, Izzy, and John), and had the students I led do a Quaker Countdown before every dinner while we camped, also inspired by my time at Apogee! I also got to backpack huge sections of the Appalachian Trail, tried winter camping in the White Mountains, fell in love with biking, and hit many of the New Hampshire 4000′ peaks!”

Daniel getting out in the mountains of California but making sure to still rep his East Coast roots (go, Sox!)!

After leaving the woods of New Hampshire, Daniel lived in New York and then San Francisco. He definitely prefers San Francisco because of it’s proximity to the outdoors and lives there still!

Daniel works now as an investment banking analyst at PFT Partners. Outside od work, he volunteers at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank and serves on the board of a non-profit school – George Jackson Academy in New York.

Daniel is still biking, skiing, and backpacking (with a few trips back east to hit the Pemigewasset Wilderness) and getting to explore all the beauty that California, Point Reyes, and Lake Tahoe have to offer.

Daniel says “Apogee fostered a love of nature and the outdoors in me from an early age. I created strong memories, learned valuable lessons about responsible camp practices, and made close friends (have seen two fellow Apogee students within the last two months, and serendipitously ran into my former leader CC on a run!). I look back fondly on so many positive memories and I am so thankful that I developed a skillset and passion that I know will last a lifetime.”

We’re thankful to have you as a part of the Apogee family, Daniel, and we are so excited to see what you do next!

Daniel (third from the left) with his Alps Explorer group in 2014 soaking up the mountains!

Apogee Staff Alum Feature

A Letter from Mary Coyne

“My first experience with Apogee was as a student on the Coast to Quebec trip, a two-week bike trip across coastal and central Maine to Canada. I remember how nervous I was in the weeks leading up to that trip and how quickly my fears disappeared once I met the group and my leaders. After that, I was lucky enough to also be part of Apogee’s first ever Maine Coast College Essay group the summer before my senior year, which to this day still ranks as one of my all time favorite experiences. After graduating college, I found my way back to the Apogee fam in early 2021 when I joined the office team as an Assistant Director helping with admissions and family communications.”

Mary reading over her essay on her Maine Coast College Essay trip all the way back in 2014.

“About a year ago, I said farewell to the Apogee office and moved to Burlington, VT where I lived for six months and trained as a yoga teacher.

Fun fact, the first time I’d ever been to Burlington was on a recruiting trip with Apogee!

I’ve since moved back to Maine and live with my dog in an apartment I just finished renovating in Brunswick, just a couple blocks from the Apogee office. I spend my weekdays working for a non-profit in Portland that provides resources for people living with substance use disorder, especially for individuals who are unhoused or in detox programs and need support as they transition into sober living homes. Even though my day-to-day looks pretty different now, I credit Apogee with teaching me many of the skills I need to do my job well: lead with empathy and compassion, value community, and always believe in the underdog.”

We love Mary and having her (and Cooper!) around Brunswick still. It’s always so great to hear about the wonderful things she is up to – keep it up, Mary!

Mary and her mom after completing their first century bike ride together!

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