Day One – The Clean Clothes Issue

Greetings, Summer Blog Readers! Today was the first day for several of our trips and the first full day for several more. As the first day, it is probably the last day where clean clothes figure prominently in each of the pictures below….

A Note on Our Blog Policy

As many of you know, during the summer season, we try to update our blog daily with “real-time” information about our trips in the field. The blog has proven to be enormously popular, and we’re looking forward to getting it up and running again this summer. Several families have asked us the very good question about what precautions we take regarding the identification of our students over the course of the summer. As we rapidly approach the summer, we thought we would speak to that question and make our blog policies clear to new and returning parents and students alike. We invite any questions or comments you may have about our policies or the blog, in general.

Meet Anna Minckler

Hawaii to Florida to Apogee!

A sophomore at Lafayette College, Anna Minckler was born on Kauai, Hawaii and has loved the outdoors from day one. After stints in California and Michigan, her family settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she has now lived for sixteen years.


Meet Nick

He’s So Crazy, He’s Leading ACC Again!

A 2009 graduate of Bowdoin College, veteran Apogee leader Nick Smith is fired up to lead our America Coast to Coast trip…for the second time! Yes, it’s true; Nick can’t get enough of the ACC and the incredible young people it attracts. He knows the ins and outs of Apogee’s route and can’t wait to share every bit of it with a new group.