Day 12 – We Caved


Confessions are due, Dear Reader. Apogee, bastion of clean living, sentinel of energy efficiency, bard of green things (I’m running out of ideas here…), has plugged in. The air conditioner is sitting in the window. And you know what? It’s great. It’s wonderful.

Day 11 – The Jungle, and Maine, is Hot.

Man, I don’t know about where you are, Dear Reader, but it is hot up here at Apogee central. Jungle hot. And that, my friends, is not something the little hamlet of Brunswick, Maine is set up to handle very well. Nonetheless, sweat-soaked though we may be up here in our air-conditioning-less office, we will bring you the news from around the horn.

Day 10 – Candids

Well, then – we (the royal we) are back in the saddle. Freshly full of ribs, corn, watermelon, and a fantastic crab/avocado soup my mom whipped up, I’m ready for another week of blogging the Apogee nation.

The Fourth

Happy Fourth folks. Hoping you’re all enjoying this splendidly hot day (at least it’s hot here in Maine). So our regular wordsmith, Mr. Chad Olcott, is enjoying a day away from the office. Which means you have me…a Geology major…to fill his shoes. So in true science fashion, here’s the data we’ve collected so far.