Day 32 – Part 1 – Return of the Cornball!

Well, then. After several days of celebrity guest bloggers, you’ve got boring old Chad steering the mighty Apogee Blog this afternoon. Advance apologies are in order for a return to corny jokes, bad puns and half-expressed thoughts!

But with the material I have, what can you expect? Consider Exhibit A, this picture from Chrissy and Wyatt’s ferry ride over to Nantucket this morning — what am I supposed to do with leaders like Wyatt? Yup, that’s him all the way to the right below — much to the obvious mortification of his students. Lucas and Danika sent in the second shot below. Danika, in the foreground, sets the right Apogee leader example by looking much more composed and mature than her colleague on the ferry… In all seriousness, both sets of Cape leaders report having had wonderful experiences with both of their groups — high levels of fun, cooperation and enthusiasm are reported from both groups.

To the North — our Downeast Explorer remain out of cellphone range, but if all went well, today was the day they summitted Mount Katahdin. We should have a full report tomorrow as they swing through town in advance of their last night together tomorrow night!

Also to the North, our Coast to Quebecers are now all bonjour-ing their way into French Canada. Pete and Jess sent in the first lovely shot that you see below of their gang on the far side of the border. Corley and Andy sent in the second shot of their gang hanging out by the gorgeous waterfall in St. Joseph de Beauce. Both groups will be racing into the City tomorrow!