Leader Profiles: Trevor Shorb, Kate Lemly, Matt Monahon, & Jeanne Barthold

Grab your sunscreen and put on your bike shorts because this summer rock stars Trevor Shorb, Kate Lemly, Matt Monahon, and Jeanne Barthold will be heading out to Oregon and California on our Pacific Coast trip! With their students, our leaders will explore the majestic Redwoods, surf in Northern California, and ride along some of the most beautiful coastlines anyone could dream of! It’s bound to be an adventure!

TREVOR SHORBApogee Adventures Trevor Shorb

Trevor Shorb is a curious, genuine guy who loves learning about the amazing world around him! Trevor is a 2014 Colby graduate where he studied Government. Trevor grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and arrived at Colby ready for four years of lacrosse. After a torn ACL and a bad case of Lyme disease ended his lacrosse career during his freshman year, Trevor picked up other interests, including travel and the outdoors. He has studied abroad in Granada, Spain, and worked his way through Southeast Asia by himself for four weeks. Back at school, Trevor led two of Colby’s Outdoor Orientation Trips, including a whitewater rafting trip last fall and a winter snowshoe exploration last January. Trevor is incredibly adventurous, and has enjoyed sharing those adventures with teenagers. In 2013, Trevor led a three-week language immersion trip to Spain for high school students, and had an amazing time connecting with students as they journeyed through the foreign country. Trevor is sure to have another wonderful and eye-opening summer this year along the Pacific Coast with his Apogee students!

Apogee Adventures Leader Kate LemlyKATE LEMLY

Kate Lemly is a 2014 graduate from the Architecture School at the University of Virginia. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Kate and her three sisters have grown up with a true love for the outdoors. Kate started camping with her family every Labor Day when she was young, and ever since she has spent her free time outside hiking, biking, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or reading and drawing. At UVA, Kate became very interest in design and construction, and used these skills to give back to the community through Habitat for Humanity, which she has been involved with for a number of years. In 2012, Kate decided to combine her passion for architecture, the outdoors, and volunteering, and rode her bike across the country on a service trip from Virginia to Oregon with “Bike & Build,” an organization that fundraises for and builds with Affordable Housing groups. Kate has also had plenty of experience working with students. She has worked as a camp counselor at her local YMCA, served as an SAT tutor, and led camping, kayaking, and climbing trips for her high school’s outdoor club. Kate is so excited to get to see some of the most beautiful stretches of the country on her bike while getting to know her amazing Apogee students on our Pacific Coast trip this summer!

MATT MONAHONApogee Adventures Leader Matt Monahon

Matt Monahon, a 2014 Bucknell graduate, is a well-traveled man with a love for sports and a flare for entrepreneurship! At only 21, he has already been to 20 different countries; he has backpacked through France, Brussels, and Croatia, island-hopped through southern Thailand, and spent a summer working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Australia. These adventures, in turn, have given him a worldly perspective that he will share with his students on our Pacific Coast trip this summer. Born and raised in Belmont, Massachusetts, Matt has always had a passion for sports, whether it was basketball, lacrosse, or snowboarding. And even though he was not a Division-1 athlete in college, it did not stop him from competing in every intramural offered on campus, including inter-tube water polo! At Bucknell, Matt studied Economics, and two summers ago, Matt used what he learned in the classroom to create his own business. In the summer of 2012, Matt operated and ran “Matt for That,” a small operation that sent him to over 40 different clients doing any kind of needed jobs, from yard service to painting to babysitting. It ended up becoming extremely successful, and Matt learned about more about business, maximizing profit, and customer service. This summer, Matt’s is thrilled to get to know his kids as they explore the Pacific Coast together!

Apogee Adventures Leader Jeanne BartholdJEANNE BARTHOLD

Jeanne “Jeannie” Barthold is a rising Senior at Colby College.  Coming to us from the rural town of Lyme, New Hampshire, Jeannie grew up skiing, mountain biking, and hiking in the White Mountains with her parents and older brother. Jeannie attributes her love for the outdoors to her parents, who embarked on outdoor adventures with her throughout her childhood. Jeannie and her family backpacked through Glacier National Park, and she and her mom climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro during a gap year Jeannie took between high school and college. Her love for the outdoors has continued in her life at Colby. She is an outdoor orientation leader for incoming freshmen, and recently spent a semester studying abroad in New Zealand, where she spent weekends hiking and exploring the mountains around her. Jeannie not only has extensive experience in the outdoors, but she also loves to work with kids. She spent two months volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania, and worked as a camp counselor for a dry land summer ski camp in Stowe, Vermont. Jeannie’s Apogee students will love getting to know her as she shares her passion for adventure, her enthusiasm for the outdoors, and her knowledge of precisely how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.