Day 5: Jumping into July!

As I (Susie) said my monthly “rabbit rabbit” upon waking up this morning, I couldn’t believe we are already halfway through 2013! The month of fireworks, hot days, beach visits, hikes, and general summer fun is here, along with the high point of the Apogee season. Here at HQ things are suitably hot and sticky with a typical threat of thunderstorms while our trips roll on. With thirteen trips started as of this morning, and our Caribbean Service Adventure revving up this afternoon, we’re almost 100% in motion.  With our Europe Coast to Coast group flying tonight and meeting in Amsterdam early tomorrow morning, we’ll have 15 leader pairs in motion this time tomorrow, all enjoying the hot sun, cool ocean, mountain views, and sweet Dutch bike paths. Ahhh, July.

Let’s jump right in!


Noah and Rosa’s fearless crew has departed Martha’s Vineyard and crossed on a ferry to Nantucket! They will enjoy a roof and some bunk beds for a couple days while checking out the beaches and exploring the cobblestone streets of Nantucket center. Here’s a picture of the group on the ferry:



Despite some damp weather, Phillip and Emma’s group was nothing but eager to jump out of their van (aka, the “Black Stallion”) to trek up Doublehead Mountain. Here’s a very serious picture of the group at the ski trail, though I doubt any ski jumping went on today…we’d rather have a little fog than snow!



Victoria and Matt’s group decided to fight water with water today! These guys hiked to the beautiful Arethusa Falls in the heart of the Whites. Victoria wrote that everyone was all giggles, so it seems the damp weather hasn’t gotten anyone down!



Our Vermonters are safely in to Shelburne, Vermont tonight, and enjoying the scenery as they go. Despite a flat tire and a tough ride, the group is staying strong and having a great time. Here are a few shots of the group in action – overdue, we know!  These guys are off the bikes tomorrow and will be “sea” kayaking Lake Champlain’s gorgeous coast.  

VM2 VM3 vm1



The good news is that we heard from John and Izzy’s group out on the water today.  They reported very high spirits – refreshed by an afternoon dip into an island granite quarry pond.  The bad news – no pics.  Izzy has been working mightily all afternoon to push her pictures out over the network – but the network isn’t playing ball.  With luck, we’ll get several shots tomorrow – but because they’re still on the water tomorrow night, we may have to wait until Wednesday and their return to the mainland.


Lizzie and Ben’s group got a bright early start from Freeport this morning, cruising along toward their first campground. Chewonki’s saltwater swimming pool is amazing, but because it’s raining they can also enjoy a really great rec room where my group had a rousing ping-pong tournament last year. Here’s a shot in the morning while the sun was still out:



Postyn and Posie’s crew got to leave up their tents today as they took a nice ride around the Freeport area to get warmed up for their ride up the coast. They had a great – if grey – day to enjoy the Maine scenery, complete with pastures and farm houses.  We’ll get these guys to send in a shot that shows more than Maine’s countryside tomorrow!



Out in Montana, Kelly and Garth’s students continue to demolish their miles – and they are loving every minute of it. Kelly sent me a quick message this morning: “We’re crushing miles today and almost to Helena! All is well and we’re psyched to spend two nights there while doing our first (of many) community service projects!” We have one group picture from the ride and a campsite shot the kids begged to have on the blog as well (with good reason!).




Livin’ the Apogee life.



And one more late photo! Thumbs up for a cool swim!


Our Caribbean Service Adventurers all flew into San Juan today and are stoked to start their service (as well as to catch some rays on la playa!). Alas, before jumping in, a bit of airport time must be had. Here’s a shot of the group playing cards while waiting on the last flights and another once everyone had arrived. Looks like they already have some excellent leis!



Ally and Tim’s crew is just loving life. Here are a couple of great shots that Ally sent in this morning. Yesterday they had a great time at the beach and today they are cruising onward toward to Humbug Mountain State Park. Try to say that with a straight face! Here’s one shot from last night at Bullards Beach and another from today’s romantic lunch by the “no parking” sign:



Mia and Jeremy’s group took their turn at the Seven Devils today and naturally, crushed them. They are looking forward to a relaxing evening on the beach! Here’s a shot of the group after the last of the Devils–looking victorious, and undaunted!



Our Californians hit the rapids today on the American River today!  Jack reported that a great time was had by all whilst on the river.  It was a hot one – with temps well into the 90s – so a great deal of time was spent in the river.  The photo below shows the group’s “Christmas in July” celebrations this afternoon.  Sweet stockings!



Nick wrote today: “All 78 miles before lunch!! Eating like champs at the campground!” I would expect nothing less from this crew. Looking good, complete with a big ol’ hat at the end of the table. Keep it up, ACC-ers!



Mike and McKayla’s group made the jump (or roll) over their first state line today and were into their own camp in record time! See ya later, South Carolina, hello, Georgia! I can smell the peaches from here! One down, eight to go!