It’s a Tough Job …

…but someone has to do it!

I know, I know – it’s brutal, but Kevin and I are off for Bella Italia on Sunday to scout our newest trip.We are really excited about the forthcoming (drum roll, please) “Tuscan Service Adventure.” The name is slightly misleading because our groups will be seeing some of the fantastic towns in Umbria – and wrapping up in Rome – but “Tuscan/Umbrian/Roman Service Adventure” just doesn’t sound right.

We’ll be sure to take some good pictures (and make sure that the Italians still have a handle on their food and wine) while we’re over there and post them for you.

In the meantime, ciao, bellissimi! (Disclaimer: to anyone out there who speaks Italian, I’m hoping, without total confidence, that I wrote “Goodbye, Beautiful People.” I certainly did not mean to say anything else!)