Holidays? Hoodies! Hats! Yes!

The leaves are falling, the clocks are all turned back, and thoughts are turning to turkey.   And — of course — Apogee Holiday Hoodies!   Ohhh, yeah!   For those of you new to our annual Holiday Hoody phenomenon, the only thing I can think to compare it to is March Madness, or perhaps Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding.   It’s big, it’s exciting — and this year….it includes hats!

As we have in years past, we’re looking forward to seeing our official 2012 “Leader Gear” hoody proudly donned by the youth (and parents…) of America.   We are delighted to offer the very same 100% cotton hoodies we issue to our own leaders.   These American Apparel California Fleece Hoodies are about the most comfortable item in any of our wardrobes — perfect for that post-long-day-on-the-bike-saddle wardrobe choice, or just to wear to school on a chilly Tuesday.     We’re happy to say that this year’s ApoHoody is available for $45, shipping included (keen observers will note that this is precisely the same price as last year’s).   Note that the hoodies are unisex and tend to run a bit on the small side, so you may want to order up a size.

And — as promised — we’ve got some sweet hats this year, too.   We are offering a unisex/unisize American Apparel Recycled Cotton/Acrylic beanie elegantly, and understatedly, embroidered with Apogee’s name and the mountain symbol that says to all — “yes, friend.   I’ve been there.  I’ve climbed to the glacier in the North Cascades.  I’ve surfed off of Cape Cod.  I’ve seen the sun set into the Pacific Ocean.   I’ve kayaked through the Biobay in Vieques.   I’ve eaten the pistachio gelato in Florence.   I have adventured.   And I’ve stayed classy — because my adventure, friend, is an Apogee Adventure.   Thank you for asking.”   If you want to send that same message to the world, this lil’ stocking stuffer is one of the very best ways to do so.   And it is all yours for a mere $20, shipping included.  Charlotte is modeling this below – but it looks just as good on the lads!

Please see our own Tim Hunt (fearless leader of California Mountains & Coast in 2012) and Charlotte Alimanestianu (she hasn’t led yet, but she rocked a full four Apogee adventures, starting with Cape Cod and the Islands in 2008 and wrapping up her student days with Tuscan Service Adventure in 2011) modeling both hoodies and hats below.   These two are not only astonishingly good-looking in their own right, but I think you’ll agree that they look even better than usual in this year’s hoody and hat.

To order your own hoodies and hats, just send Chad an email at or call us anytime at 207.725.7025.   IMPORTANT: If you’d like yours to you by the start of Hanukkah, please place your order no later than Thursday, November 15.  All other orders will be accepted through the end of November.