Holiday Hoodies and Water Bottles

In our humble opinions here at Apogee, nothing quite captures the spirit and magic of the holidays like our very own 100% cotton Apogee hoodies. And you know what? Spiced apple cider and eggnog (not usually at the same time, however) just taste better when quaffed from the finest Apogee water bottle we’ve been able to offer in years. Read on to find out how you and yours can be snuggled up by the fire this holiday season with Apogee’s finest accoutrements! (Pictures of both are below…)

HOLIDAY HOODIE:  This year’s Holiday Hoodie is the very same American Apparel pullover cotton fleece hoodie issued to our leaders in advance of the summer season. Our staff loved the rich Navy color emblazoned with Apogee’s logo in a contemporary hi-viz green. It is no exaggeration to say that you’ll find an Apogee sweatshirt on at least two members of our office staff on any given day – they’re that comfortable.

Hoodies are available for $50, shipping included. Sizes run from XS to XXL. Note that the hoodies are unisex.


Yes, yes, they’re gorgeous in their own right, but don’t you think Shem and Hannah look just a bit better in their Apo hoodies?

WATER BOTTLE:  Like other organizations, we may be guilty of saying “this year’s x” is the best “x” we’ve ever offered a bit too often… Well, this time – when it comes to the water bottles, at least – it’s really true!  These are in fact the best water bottles we’ve ever offered. We are delighted with the way these puppies came out, they’re 32-ounce, wide-mouth Nalgene bottles (BPA-free, of course) – they’re crystal clear and they light up with that gorgeous Apogee Red coloring.  We know you’ll find they’re perfect for Apogee trips – but they’re great sitting next to your computer or in the lunchroom.

The bottles are yours for $18 each, shipping included.


Crystal clear and ready for you – the Apogee Water Bottle…

HOW TO ORDER:  To order your hoodies and water bottles – just let us know sizing and number info by sending Chad an email at or calling us at 207.725.7025.  Very important note:  To get yours for the start of Hannukah, we need your order by noon on Wednesday, November 26 (just before you put that pumpkin pie in the oven for the next day…).  All other orders must be received by noon on Monday, December 8.

FullSizeRender (3)

Ain’t no party like an Apogee hoodie party!