Day 2: What’s New?

By Will Vietze

A whole lot is new today – we have 18 groups meeting for the first time today – from the glorious Alps to the mist-shrouded Oregon coast all the way down to the verdant jungles of Costa Rica and many many places in between. After long months of anticipation and careful planning, our leaders and their kiddos will immerse themselves in new cultures, languages, and landscapes and build lifelong friendships (and s’mores) along the way. We can’t wait to help you live vicariously through them and make you wonder why you never signed yourself up for an Apogee trip (age is just a number)!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI1)

The CI crew has set up camp near Falmouth and will begin their nautical bike trip tomorrow. Word is, Ben and Rachel are teaching them some sea shanties.

For scale: Ben is 6’4”

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM1)

Our CRM crew enjoyed a hearty meal last night and caught the sun setting over the Rockies! Today they begin their exploration of the those magnificent mountains and a moose meadow (alliteration)!

Enjoying their first meal together! Peep that sunset!
So serene!
Rocks in the Rockies rock!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE1)

The essayists are settled down in their cabin and are ready to craft their college essays with the guidance of Jack, Jane, and Jaed (Triple J). The creative juices will be flowing in no time!

Where’s Jack?
There he is!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ1)

Saul, Casey, and our youngest trippers made their way up from Beantown (Boston) to Maine this afternoon and are now settled in Freeport, Maine. Ah, to be 11-12 again!

Check out the sign Casey and Saul made!

Vermont to Montreal (VM1)

After meeting in “Manchvegas,” the Vermonsters headed to the Green Mountain State to begin their quest north. I once again promise that there will be plenty of non-van pictures in the days to come.

Cruising in Stan the Van

California Mountains & Coast A (CMC1A)

The CMC A crew congregated at SFO and are headed to Point Reyes to play some Beach Boys tunes (and take in the natural beauty). As we lack a photo today, we can guarantee tomorrow (and every day after) will bring more scenic shots than today.

California Mountains & Coast B (CMC1B)

Jared and Jeanne gathered their gang (so much alliteration) at SFO and are headed for the Sequoias next. Word is, Jared brought his birding binoculars.

California Dreamin’

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA1)

Yesterday we promised you non-van pictures and today we deliver! CSA had a great day of service in the jungle!

Matthew is somewhere under that muy grande hat
“F” is for friends who do stuff together! (Ed. Note: our author informs us that this is a “Sponge Bob” reference…)

Coast to Quebec A (CQ1A)

CQA rode from Freeport to Wiscasset and even stopped by the Apogee Headquarters to say hello. Leader Sam thinks his man bun is better than Ezra’s (see below), but the public is still conflicted.

Thumbs way up after a rainy morning!
Can you see it? I sure can!

Coast to Quebec B (CQ1B)

CQB pedaled around beautiful Freeport today, practicing safe riding. Even a wet morning couldn’t stop them from having fun and making weird faces!

Surprised? Excited? Where’s Ezra?

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS1)

Anna and Connor greeted their niños (kiddos) at the airport and are heading out to Turrialba to soak up that pura vida. Not pictured: all the Spanish they’re going to learn!


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX1)

The DEXsters gathered in Freeport with Clarke and Addie, loaded up, and headed “downeast” i.e. up and east (confusing). Check out those slick Apo shirts.

Thumbs up, DEXsters!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA1A)

Despite some flight delays, the MSA team is all together and spirits are high! They can’t wait to hit the road tomorrow and enjoy that Big Sky country. Unfortunately, we’re sans-photo today, but tomorrow should more than make up for it!

Northwest Explorer (NWX1A)

NWXA has convened and can’t wait to venture off into the land of grunge, salmon, and evergreen trees. Leaders Joby and Lindsey have a great playlist cued up for the ride.

Cruising in good ole “Van Morrison!”

Northwest Explorer (NWX1B)

The NWXB gang also gathered at the Seattle airport and is ready to explore the mystical wonders of the Pacific Northwest! Stay tuned for orcas, eagles, and flannel shirts, oh my!

Looks like we’ve got a Mets fan!

Pacific Coast A & B (PC1A) (PC1B)

The Pacific Coasters gathered in Eugene with their leaders, Ryan, Grace, Miles, Emma, and Mark and are stoked (West coast slang) to gaze upon the Pacific in all its glory.

That’s a large duck

Alps Explorer A (AX1A) 

AXA is en route to Zermatt via the world’s most scenic train. Dave and Isa helped each camper create a flag “representing what we want to bring to the trip.”

Check out those great flags!

Alps Explorer B (AX1B)

After meeting up with leaders Nick and Jessi at the Geneva airport, AXB hopped on a train to Zermatt to begin their Alpine adventure. The hills are alive…with the sound of music (and Nick yodeling)!

Looks comfy!

Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX1)

The SHX squad met their leaders Sam and Max and headed off to relax by the loch. And so the search for Nessie begins. Stay tuned for kilts and haggis!

Scotland’s foremost bug haters
Look at those smiles (in a Scottish accent)!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA)

ECCA is in camp in Haarlem and had a lekker (tasty) dessert on the dock. Not pictured: Alyssa eyeing those waffle snacks.

Check out those dutch treats!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCB)

ECCB, lead by Becca and Chandler, are embroiled in a rousing night of games before their first bike ride. Looks like they’re staving off jet lag pretty well!

“We were dealt a winning hand” – Chandler

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

ACCA has long-since crushed their miles for day – and using copious amounts of sunscreen. Looking good, y’all!

If you look closely, you can see a freshly used bottle of sun screen