Day Four – Part 1 – Good Snapshots

Lots of good snap shots coming in from the field today, my fellow Apogee-aniacs!

Getting right to it, our Vermonsters, Drew, Rachel and Co. — sent in the below pics of a post-hike game of Frisbee-500 in the summer-warm waters of Emerald Lake. Below that is a shot of the action during a fierce watermelon-eating contest. They head into the backcountry tomorrow and will spend five days on the Long Trail — we’ll catch up with them on the other side!

Out in Montana, our riders spent the day working on their first service project — they were planting sedges and rushes in a wetlands area in Helena. Apparently, there was time for makeup, too.

The office staff was briefly unchained from their computers this morning and happily cheered Pete and Emily’s group as they rolled down Brunswick’s Federal Street on their way up to Wiscasset. We immortalized the moment in the below shot. Under that, you’ll see a picture of Andy and Corley’s riders, whose bicycles are newly bedecked with pirate flags (I hope the Canadian border guards won’t give them any trouble next week…).