Day Five – Part I – Smooth Sailing (or hiking, biking or ferrying, as it were)

Days like today, Dear Readers, are why we do this! Though I would love to say otherwise, given the nature of our business, we can’t always report clear sailing.

Today, however, is one of those wonderful days — sparkling Maine summer weather here in Brunswick, and tranquility in the field! What more could a director ask for?

Corley and Andy’s group sailed into Camden on a gorgeous Maine afternoon today. They sent the below picture from one of the many coastal farms between Pemaquid Point and Camden.

Pete and Emily dealt with a couple of bike rack issues on their way down to Pemaquid, but were not set back at all. I’d include the picture Pete sent down, but it’s more impressionistic than a Monet and darker than a Caravaggio.

On the Cape, Lucas and Danika’s Capers left Nantucket in fine spirits this morning and aimed their bikes north and around towards P-town. It was Wyatt and Chrissy’s turn to don the Nantucket reds and drape their cable sweaters around their shoulders (or at least their fleeces, in the absence of any cable sweaters…). They sent the below shot of their group’s first moments on the wharf after getting off the morning ferry.

I got to personally check in with our first New England Mountains & Coast trip as they headed out to Harpswell for an afternoon of service with the Harpswell Land Trust. They had a blast in the White Mountains, and even snuck in a last summit today before heading to the coast. The picture below (which I considered captioning “Apogee Exploits Child Labor” before realizing that that would have been in very poor taste) shows the group on the job in Harpswell — they were doing great work to repair some washed out trails on the Land Trust’s newest property.