Day 9 – Group Shots

Greetings faithful Apogee Blog readers.   Kevin here.   Chad, my partner in crime, is taking a much deserved day of rest this Sunday, and so the task of summing up the day’s events (for better or worse) falls in the hands of yours truly.

My goal for today was to ask our leaders to snap pictures of their entire group together — thus the aptly named entry, Group Day.

Let’s see how we did.

CI1 — Peter reported that although it was a challenging day from Wellfleet to Provincetown, everyone arrived in fine form and good spirits.   They were going to explore P-town this afternoon before boarding an afternoon ferry for Bean town.   Hard to believe they’ll be retiring their bicycles this evening for good.   Tomorrow they’ll spend their last day together exploring Boston by foot.

DEX1 These guys were hiking machines in Acadia National Park.   Mt. Acadia, and Mt. Saint Sauveur were summited before lunch.   And they conquered Beehive this afternoon.   It’s an early to bed evening for the group as their goal tomorrow morning is to hike Cadillac Mountain and watch the sun rise.

And one from  DEX1 on the top of Bee Hive.

VH — Nothing to report today.   The group emerges from the backcountry tomorrow.   I’ll be sure to post a picture or two from their time on the trail!

VM1 — Both Rachel’s phone and Mason’s lost their charge mid afternoon (lots of roaming patches in VT drains batteries)…so no group photo today!   Rachel promises to send some pictures tomorrow when they’re off the bikes kayaking Lake Champlain.

PC1A — I don’t have all the details, but Andy and Danika’s group tie died shirts after surfing yesterday (tank tops to be specific) and then this morning swiped PC1B’s dino eggs oatmeal as a practical joke (Note the dino eggs bag being held up in victory).   Not sure what to make of this…but everyone seem to be having a great time.

PC1B — Some happy faces after the group’s morning surf lesson.   Anna emailed to say everyone loved it.

MSA — David and Anna sound like they’re having a blast.   They had a short ride to Choteau today after a fairly challenging ride yesterday.   They let everyone sleep in this morning and enjoyed a great western style breakfast before heading out for the day.

TSA1 — Firenze!   Florence!   No biking for this crew today.   It was all exploration by foot …  They do, however, look a little lost in this photo…

A game of Ninja in one of Florence’s many piazzas.

And although this wasn’t taken today, I thought I’d throw it in.  It gives you a sense of the riding terrain of Tuscany.

CQ1A — These guys were monsters and crushed their mileage.   They arrived at their destination by 12:30 PM.   Lots of overdue laundry was being planned for this afternoon.

CQ1B — Spoke to Shem right before lunch.   He said despite all hills they had climbed this morning, spirits were good and they were making good time.

CSA1 — I had a great, extended conversation with Wyatt this afternoon.   I caught him mid paint project on Vieques.   He said he was so pleased on how everyone in the group was opening up and coming together.   They are all looking forward to snorkeling and swimming in the bioluminescent bay tomorrow!

ACC — Hot long day for the crew, but I just received a text from Emily around 5:30 PM CST saying they had reached their destination.   Good news is they have more or less finished the hilly riding in the Appalachian foothills. The terrain only gets flatter for the next couple of weeks.