Day 9: Always an Adventure!

By: Emily Sturtevant & Izzy Janzen

Today was another fabulous day in the Apogee world. Even though the festive 4th was yesterday, there sure was a lot of excitement going on today!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI):

Our Capers caught some serious wave action during their morning surf lesson. The remainder of their day consisted of time at the beach and prepping for their Challenge Ride tomorrow – their highest mileage ride of the trip! Also below are some pictures of yesterday’s mini golf excursion, a great way to celebrate the holiday!


On the beach, ready for a surf lesson


Yesterday’s mini-golf excursion – if you look closely, the clubs spell USA

Vermont to Montreal (VM):

Get ready Canada, because here come our Vermonsters! Today this crew did their border crossing, and are now on their home stretch to Montréal, where they will enjoy a day of exploration and relaxation before they head back home. The sense of accomplishment after crossing over into Canada is huge for this group. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a picture of their excitement but hope to have one tomorrow. Stay tuned!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

Welcome back to the front country, CMC! The group had a short hike out for their last day of backpacking, and was planning on enjoying all the amenities the front country has to offer – including hot showers and tasty, grilled meals! We chatted with Matt and Midge earlier today, and they report that spirits were high and their group is “stupendous!” Unfortunately, their cell service was not strong enough to get any pictures to us. Expect a photo bonanza once they find dependable service tomorrow.

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Our tropical do-gooders took a ferry to the island of Vieques today, where they will spend their next two days volunteering with Reach for Success – a community non-profit that provides local youth with resources and opportunities to achieve educational, professional and economic success. From there, it’s a short step on to San Juan, final dinners, and flights home.

csa1 csa1

Coast to Quebec A (CQA):

Another big day for our CQA trip! These guys had a long – and hilly – ride into Greenville, where they will rest up for their biggest ride yet, a 55 miler to Jackman. A big dinner and an early bedtime are in order for CQA as they contemplate their upcoming ride into the North Woods of Maine.


Coast to Quebec B (CQB):

After a night spent cozily inside at Unity College, this crew is inside again tonight – the lucky ducks! Not only will they have the comforts of a roof, but word on the street is that they had a big dinner planned and time to do laundry!

CQ1B - Dexter

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEXA):

Our DEX-sters are starting their backpacking section Northern Maine today. They’ll spend the next two nights on the Appalachian Trail, where they will hone their LNT (leave no trace) and backcountry cooking skills. Here are some pictures from yesterdays Fourth of July celebrations. Lots of red, white and blue!

DEXA -fourth

 Yesterday’s Fourth celebrations!

DEXA - bridge DEXA - BC DEXA - AT

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEXB):

PICTURES GALORE! DEXB sent us lots of photos from yesterdays hiking excursion and Independence Day celebrations. Tonight they find themselves in Stonington, Maine, preparing for tomorrow’s overnight kayaking adventure and service.

DEX1B - lunch

Mid-transit lunch in Bangor

DEXB - summit

Fourth of July summit shot!

DEXB - dinner DEXB - dinner

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

The group enjoyed a beautiful high plains ride today as they moved from Augusta to Choteau. They powered through both rain and shine with smiles on their faces, and were into camp early enough for an afternoon nap. That’s a textbook Apogee Napogee, folks, and a well-deserved one at that!

MSA day 9 Msa day 9

Rain can’t hold our MSAers back, no way.

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

A big happy birthday to leader, Will! It looks like this group had an amazing time celebrating together on their rest and resupply day. Games, balloons, and backcountry prep – what better birthday celebrations?! Tomorrow begins one of the most exciting portions of their trip – five nights in the magnificent splendor of the North Cascades!
NWX1- bday2

NWX1- bdayThis, my friends, is the look of pure joy.


Bonus – Patriotic rafting pic from yesterday!

Pacific Coast A (PCA):

I couldn’t imagine a better place to fix a flat tire! Post-flat, West and Abby’s crew grabbed a quick napogee (with dreams of San Francisco, I’m sure) before continuing on. They enjoyed views of both the coast and the redwoods today, a California dream!
PC1A - nap

PC1A - view

Pacific Coast B (PCB):

Blue skies and blue waters for PCB! Everyone is all smiles as they get out of the saddle and got ready to paddle today. The crew had a blast with their surf lesson today – see below for fun in the California sun. Another night of R&R before getting back on the bikes tomorrow!

PC1B Surfing

PCB-Circle PC1B girls surf

Alps Explorer A (AXA):

Another unbelievable day for AXA – after falling asleep with a four course meal settling happily into their tummies, they continued on this morning for their third day of the Tour du Mont Blanc! These pictures speak for themselves, so we’ll let the snowy peaks and huge grins do the talking…

 AX1A -group

AX1A - bridgeRed rover, red rover, send some mountains right over!

Alps Explorer B (AXB):

AXB’s passed through a number of quaint French villages today, including a resupply stop in Les Contamines. Tim says things are wonderful and the group is enjoying every step. They were in bed early tonight, as tomorrow is one of the more challenging days of the Tour. It also promises to be one of the most beautiful, and surely one of the most fun as well!



Europe Coast to Coast A (ECCA):

ECCA booked a whopping 83 KM today, and crossed the border from Belgium to France. They crushed their mileage and arrived in Le Quesnoy with plenty of time to explore and enjoy!


Europe Coast to Coast B (ECCB):

ECCB cycled some 70+ KM to arrive in Kluisbergen, Belgium just after lunch. This speedy squad is making great time and spent the remainder of their afternoon exploring this beautiful “artist village,” full of glorious old architecture.


ECCB - Arc
ECCB - France

America Coast to Coast (ACC):

This close crew is making it happen! They biked almost 80 miles today and are growing more and more comfortable with their mileage and each other as the days go on. Tomorrow night is their last night in Alabama! Next stop, Mississippi!