Day 8: What else but Happy 4th!

Good evening most faithful of blog readers.  Kevin and Chris here coming to you from a hot and steamy Brunswick, Maine.

We’re going with the picture theme today on this 4th of July.  Because, let”s face it, when you get on your computer in the late afternoon or evening to check our blog, you don’t want to hear our (at times) witty commentaries, rarely-smart anecdotes, and less than humorous jokes.  You want to see pictures of your kids.  And, by golly, we’re going to do our best to make that happen today! (Except with the…California Mountains & Coast trip.  Sorry CMC Parents.  They’re in the backcountry (with a non-media sending satellite phone for emergencies).  We hope to have pictures, if not by tomorrow, then by Saturday at the latest.

Let’s get to it!

CI1:  Noah, Rosa, Captain America and Co. crushed their mileage early on today (granted it was only 11 miles) to spend the day at the beach not far from their campground.  Cape Cod, white sand beaches, 4th of July, sunny weather…what’s not to like?

ci 2

CI1 Looking good before heading over to the beach this afternoon.

NEMC1A:  Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head…wait! That’s not rain! It’s a waterfall! Phill and Emma’s A team are out doing some more exploring. We promise they’ll write home when they strike gold.

nemca nemc1a2

Not sure what’s going on here…  Something about burying a pineapple.  Or finding an Alpine Apple…  Something for you NEMC1A Parents to ask your kids when they return home.

NEMC1B: The NEMCBer’s have a distinct advantage in the intense world of the blogosphere today- their photos were taken by Apo’s own photographer, Garrett English…and what a job he did. Captions for this set of photos aren’t even necessary.


VM1:  And for all your VM1 Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins 4 times removed, here’s a treasure trove of pictures from Garrett’s time with the VM1 group earlier this week.  Our apologies again for not posting last night!

_MG_0303 _MG_0312 _MG_0321 _MG_0513 VM1 _MG_0300

CSA1: I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream…preferably on a gorgeous Puerto Rican beach with 10 of your best friends and the ever-awesome leader pair of Hannah and Dylan. 


CQ1A: Sweet, sweet dryness. The CQers are soaking in the rays and chowing down on victuals resplendent in a high percentage of Apogee gear. Lookin’ good gang!



Note the trash bag and good Leave No Trace principals: L-N-T = Ap-o-gee!

CQ1B: Posie and Postyn’s peeps pose for powerful pyramid pics. May many mechanicals make making it to mashing miles more magical!

IMG_5252 cqb


DEX1: Dex spent the day Lei-ing low (couldn’t resist..) in the traditional Fourth of July combination of Hawaian necklaces and day-glow tshirts as they transitioned from campsite to campsite. Not a bad view for mealtime either! 



MSA: Ohh say can you see…the mountains! And the vast swaths of unexplored tarmac! And…camper vans? A+ form with the helmets over the heart guys, good job.



Making their way up Montana”s mighty front range.  Seriously folks, they’re traveling through some breathtaking country.  

PC1A:  60 degree water, clear skies, 75 degree air temperature.  Tim’s description of surfing this afternoon – “Amazing!”


PC1B: WELKOM TO KALIFORINA…Arnold wasn’t able to personally usher the PCBer’s into his state so in lieu of his presence the group posed in front of this sign. pcb

ECC: The big crew doing big mileage with big headwinds and big smiles. Forget about those skinny be-spandexed guys in France- the real tour is happening in the Netherlands.


ACC1: Uncle Sam hats and bandanna (around the knee?) swag are the order of the day for our first coast2coast crew. That and bagging new states!  acc1

acc1 2

ACC2: What a perfect message to end the blog with…everybody stay safe on this most American of holidays.  Keep the rubber side down, belay on, and HAVE FUN wherever your Fourth adventures take you!