Day 8: A Day of Poetry and Adventures

Day 8: A Day of Poetry and Adventures


Another Apogee sunrise 

Another day of exploration 

A world of learning and joy ahead

Regardless of location 


Another Apogee sunset finds us

As it always does

Tomorrow is just around the corner

We can already feel the buzz


Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

Through the city of Seward, they wander

Laughter and word games echoed in the streets

Mail is hastily gathered with excitement

And a resupply brings delicious treats


We wish our friends up yonder the best

And we cannot wait to hear their tales

As they prepare for tomorrow’s adventure

With much beauty amidst, they set their sails

Alps Explorer A (AXA)

Today is the day

You can feel the joy among AXA

As they break down camp

And head on their way


The Tour du Mont Blanc is upon us

They giggle with glee

Into France they make their way

With endless sights to see


Switzerland has been good to us

But onwards we must trek

Chamonix is waiting

They gave the pink church one last peck

Alps Explorer B (AXB)

Onward they hike!

Folks wave to AXB

What a joyous day ahead

As they make their way to Chamonix


Some exploring they do

Soaking in the mountain town

A perfect view of Mt. Blanc 

An AXB-er can never turn that down


A quick bus away

And at camp they arrived

Tired and happy they were

Apogees and Perigees they derived

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

The Cape Cod-ers thrive on

Aided by sunshine and sand

A long day of pedaling it was

And gorgeous miles they spanned 


Happy Fourth of July!

The bikers find themselves on Outer Cape

A bit of food shopping and laundry later

Now it’s time to celebrate!

Caribbean Service Puerto Rico (CSPR)

Our friends down in Puerto Rico say hello

As they seized the day first thing

Community service in the morn:

A bit of raking and some painting


The afternoon was one of rest and joy

Back at the house up the mountain

Laundry and many games performed

With laughter flowing as if from a fountain

Caribbean Service Virgin Islands (CSVI)

Ah yes

Day six has arrived

A lovely day in the Virgin Islands

We got word that the group thrived


With the morning spent as fish

Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea

The light blue water cooled warm skin

And smiles were as big as could be


Evening back at the lodge

Truly was a dream:

Laundry and chatter

It’s hard not to beam!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

A sleepy morning in camp

The sun rose over breakfast

A day hike ahead

Ambitions steadfast


Up Colorado Mountains they climbed

Word games throughout 

The CRMers found the views

They were nothing to scoff about


Back to camp they made their way

Gleeful and tired

A day on the water is on the horizon

But for now it’s sleep they desired

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

An early morning it was

For our friends down South

Into the transit they went

Yummy snacks in each mouth


Deep into the jungle they hiked

And for the next few days CRMC will remain

As they make chocolate and explore

Their excitement impossible to contain

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

Ah yes, there they go

Through Belgium they ride on

Alongside well-aged architecture and canals

The coast to coasters keep singing their song


Small roads wind as they take in the city

The French countryside not far ahead

A delicious resupply was in order

Before riders reached camp and laid down their heads

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

A rest day is upon our friends in Bruges

Time for exploration, groceries, laundry

Through the streets they go wandering

Striking beauty as far as the eye can see


To camp they make their way

Well fed and sleepy

Showers had and stories shared

All can feel friendship running deeply

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Hello from our friends in the Golden State

A day hike they conquered today

Those California views are not to be scoffed at

And the stoke of GSA could not be kept at bay


Back down they descended

Transit, mail pickup, laundry

More joyous ascent on tomorrow’s horizon 

But for now to camp they went with joy and whimsy

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Sentiments of awe and wonder

Coming to us from across the Atlantic 

A glorious Icelandic ice cave tour 

Followed by joyful birthday antics!


The views were the star of the day

As they made their way towards camp

It was a day of pure magic as they say

Sign, seal, stamp!

Birthday Queen!!!!!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

As for our writers

We are pleased to report

Their fourth was quite spent well

Amongst a most joyful cohort


The day began with a workshop 

Followed by an afternoon of land conservation 

Efforts brought joy and sleepiness

And MCCE’s day ended with celebration!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

And out of the backcountry they come

Our sweet DEX-ers are wiped

But beaming faced persist

A trek like that, how can you not be hyped


A quick resupply and a bit of laundry later

They dream of camp as into the transit they go

A yummy dinner and sweet rest awaits

With potential for a glorious ascent tomorrow

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Today is the day folks

The Mt. Washington ascent is upon us

And with last nights fudge bag dessert for fuel 

This was no struggle bus


Up, up, up they went 

Winding through snow patches and scrambling with glee

Until to very tip top they reached

“This Car Climbed Mt. Washington”, but so did NEMC 


Back at camp they were one smiley bunch

And with a yummy camp dinner in bellies

The joyful tiredness of the day set in

Sleep was welcome before legs turned to jellies


Fudge bag! Mt. Washington Fuel!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Day eight is upon us

And our Northwestern explorers have taken to the water

Through the beautiful river rapids they paddled

Moving synchronously and leaving no space to totter


The joy was infectious

And once the day wound down

With backcountry preparations complete and dinner consumed

Cozy camp beds were very quickly found

USA! Happy 4th!

Pacific Coast (PC)

Camp was broken down by our Pacific Coast friends

And back on the road they joyously went

On a beautiful stretch the crew continued Southward

Until California they reached to great content


To camp they rode

Drinking in the Golden Coast air

And as excitement brewed for tomorrow’s Redwood ride 

The sun set on their day with flare

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

The Carros de Foc adventure continues

For our friends in the Pyrenees

Elevation ups and downs throughout

Trekking poles to help the knees


There is beauty any direction you turn

And the summit of Pic del Portarro topped off today’s views

A duckling sighting, some bubbles and plenty of laughs later

To camp PMC made their way, their last decent a cruise

Vermont to Montreal (VM)

A day off the bikes today 

And around Burlington the VM-ers made their way

A bit of kayaking to beat the heat

As this enthusiastic crew explored the bay


After a day in the sun back to camp they went

Dinner was shared as they sat on the beach

The sun sinking behind the mountains

So much joy on this trip and very soon it’s Montreal they will reach