Day 7: Eclectic Photo-Bombers

By Chad Olcott

Good afternoon, Wide World of Apogee – with Annika taking an unprecedented two days off in a row, I am steering the Good Ship Blog again this evening.  There’s a lot to report – and at least six photo-bombers of various ilk to share with you – so let’s get to it…

CI: As we mentioned yesterday, Will and Emily’s Capers did a fantastic job with their challenge ride – and they sent in the post-ride picture to prove it. They’ve put Nantucket behind them and are now back on the Cape, about to take on the final stretch up towards Provincetown!

Nantucket challenge

photo 2 (1)NEMC:  We just heard from Midge and Matt – these guys conquered Mt Washington and got alllll they way up to 6,289′ feet above sea level yesterday (for anyone counting, that’s a full 1000′ more than a mile!).  It was a long day on the trail, and it was duly celebrated with an absurd amount of pizza upon descending.  They let their legs have a breather today and enjoyed a full-fledged Beach Day at one of the local swimming holes in the Whites.  Tomorrow, they’ll be transitioning over to Maine and looking forward to their white-water rafting adventure on the Fourth.

IMG_3619On the Mt Washington summit!

IMG_3432A little post-pancake frisbee…

VM:  Our Vermonsters enjoyed Ben & Jerry’s enormous and eponymous sundae this afternoon – the official “Vermonster” while hanging out in Burlington. They earned their Vermonster by putting in the community service hours this morning on the bike trail.  They’ll be turning right around and burning that Vermonster away tomorrow, though, as they get right back in the saddle and make their way north towards the border.

IMG_3547 (1) IMG_20140702_161218_372

CSA:  These guys are living the dream today – that is, if your dream is planting baby trees in very toast greenhouse on the grounds of the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge… With the help of our groups – this one very much included – we’ve planted thousands of new trees and plants in an area that was deforested and subsequently harmed by fire. A little post-service Apogee Olympics on the beach was going to round out the day. Well-played, Caribbeaners, well-played.

IMG_1036.JPG IMG_6730 IMG_4375 IMG959718

CMC:  Whoa, that my friends is a big tree trunk. Or, I suppose, our entire CMC group could have been shrunken by an alien shrinking-laser beam. You be the judge! Laser beams aside, our Californians enjoyed a great hike in Calaveras Big Trees State Park today and are transitioning with phone calls home, a little bit of laundry, card games in the laundromat, and a huge trip to the grocery store to get ready for their big backcountry hike. Now fully-loaded, they’re headed into Yosemite this afternoon.

IMG_6604 IMG_2551

birthdaypancakesHappy birthday! A cake just like Mom’s!

CQA:  Over here on the other coast, Mary and Mike’s Coast to Quebecers were largely out of the saddle today and working with our good friends at the Coastal Mountains Land Trust in Camden.  Today’s project, “bee houses.”  I’m not sure what a bee house is, but doggonit, our guys can make a heck of a bee house!

IMG952158 IMG955541 IMAG0038_BURST003

CQB:  Not too far down the coast, Pete and Emily’s group continues to crush their miles.  They said goodbye to the beautiful Pemaquid Point this morning and are now

image (3)Photo-bomb #1:  Arggh! Pirate photo-bomb!

image (1)Pete’s hard at work despite the scenery – as Directors, we like to see this dedication and focus.


Photo-Bomb #2:  Umm – pan-flute-playing metal satyr photo-bomb!

DEX:  There were smiles all around as our DEXsters came off of the water today and enjoyed some post-paddling ice cream. The hot showers at their campground were also appreciated by all, too!  They’re headed further downeast tomorrow and will be taking in Acadia National Park’s many delights by this time tomorrow…

IMG_1872Photo-bomb #3:  Hammerin’ Stonington fisherman photo-bomber wants some of that ice cream!

MSA:  Back in the saddle, these guys crushed their miles and were, well, I’m not sure what they’re doing in the picture – a little post-climb Sun Salutation, maybe? Paying homage to the mountain deities? Working on their Dancing With the Stars routine? In any case, Hannah and Chris had nothing but good things to report this afternoon – and another crystal clear day for riding.


NWX:  More smiles in the Northwest today – Izzy reported a fantastic backcountry experience in Olympic National Park’s Hoh River Valley. It certainly helps that they had perfect weather – double perfect weather, actually, if you consider that they’re in one of the rainiest parts of the US! A little post BC feasting in the van was certainly in order after they came out. It’s hot showers and looking forward to rafting tomorrow on tap for tonight.

20140701_095946 20140630_131835 2014070295084740 2014-07-019510.04.01

PCA:  Wait, wait – did someone say “California?” Why, yes, I think that’s exactly what I heard. Matt and Jeanne enjoyed stunning conditions for their first and only border-crossing.  Rough times out there on the Pacific Coast, don’t you think?


IMG_3561This, curious parents, is a very serious game of “Ninja.”


PCB:  And enjoying those same spectacular conditions just a bit to the north are Jeanne and Trevor’s Coastal Cruisers.  Here, they’re providing photgraphic evidence of, well, their front and their backs. We never know what we’re going to get back from the field, folks…



AX:  The only photo-bomber in this shot is the beee-yoo-tiful Swiss Alps in the background…  It was a big re-provision and re-pack day today as these guys are getting on the trail tomorrow to start their 12-day Tour de Mont Blanc.  Go get some, guys!

photo (1)

ECCA:  That ocean in the background, my friends, is the North Sea. Mia and Jeremy’s guys motored south from Haarlem today and are now (hopefully) long asleep to the south of The Hague. As long as they stay clear of the International Criminal Court tomorrow, they’ve got a full day of beaches and dyke crossings tomorrow.

IMG_1559 IMG_1558 IMG_1557 IMG_1556

ECCB:  And not too far to the north, in the small town of Ijmuiden, we’ve got Nick and Christine’s ECCBers enjoying the same blue sky and wide stretch of North Sea beach.  They’re headed south tomorrow – hot on the heels of their ECCA counterparts!


ACC1:  The two favorite words of any ACC-er?  “Rest day.” And that’s just what Josh and Laura’s gang enjoyed in Georgia today – complete with a visit from Favorite Uncle Support Guy Tim and lots of ice cream…

IMG_3172Quasi Photo-Bomb #4:  Awesome Support Dude Tim, keeping it real with some rest day cards…

accrestdayPhoto-bomb #5 (and prime example of life imitating art…):  Old Guy With Fancy Hat on Pedestal


ACC2:  And 150 miles or so to the east, Sam and Ally’s Dynamos enjoyed breakfast in the conference room before getting on the road for their first 80-mile day.  And then they crushed those 80-miles like yesterday’s Cheerios.  Rest coming up for these guys on the Fourth!

IMG_2252.JPGQuasi-Photo-bomb #6:  Sam – taking the picture in the mirror…

IMG_2248 (1)Celebrating their first 80-miler with some local haute-cuisine