Day 7 – Stars and Stripes

Happy Fourth of July blog-readers! I hope this post finds you enjoying all kinds of summer holiday fun with family and friends.  At the moment, we have pictures from all our trips with the exception of California Mountains & Coast (who are out of cell phone range in the Channel Islands).

CI: Everyone knows whales love the Fourth of July! The CI-ers look to be having fun and are waving their American flags every chance they get.  Here they are below walking their bikes to the ferry to depart Nantucket.  They loved their time on Nantucket.  Some kids even suggested to Shannon and Drew that we run a trip that never leaves Nantucket…

NEMC: Exploring a ropes course this morning and celebrating the fourth this afternoon, the NEMC-ers are having a great first full day of their trip!

CMC: They’re out of cell phone range today and part of tomorrow while sea kayaking the Channel Islands. But you can get a feel for where they are at the National Park Service’s  Channel Islands website.

CQ1A: Nick and Susie’s crew made it to Camden by early afternoon and set up camp for a couple nights. They have their first day off the bikes tomorrow for some volunteer work with Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

CQ1B: Though their face paint has washed away a bit from the rain showers they rode through this morning, Mia & Alex’s crew cruised into camp under sunny skies and with high spirits.  Ready to toss around a frisbee and relax for the afternoon, they’re looking forward to a delicious dinner and a festive strawberry, blueberry shortcake dessert!

VM: Facepaint seems to be the decoration of choice today. What masterpieces!

DEX: Hoping to see fireworks from the islands tonight, DEX started the morning off right with some patriotic pancakes. Yum…I think.  Blueberries and raspberries…but can’t tell what they used for the white.

MSA: The folks in Montana are decked out in star and flag stickers to compliment the gorgeous backgrounds that seem to follow them wherever they go!

PC1A: Micah and McKayla’s crew showed that ACC isn’t the only one crossing state lines as they cruised into California today!

It’s heavily pixelated…but it is their group.

Here’s a better picture where you can actually make out faces.  Sharing the last bits of breakfast this AM.

PC1B: These PC-ers have gone above and beyond, with not only facepaint, but with star-covered bandanas too! Hannah said she and Shem are absolutely loving their group.

TSA: Across the pond in Italy, some of Laura and Pat’s crew pose in front of a sunflower field on what appears to be a gorgeous July day.

CSA: After some service work with the Park Service this morning, the CSA crew hiked in El Yunque National Forest, gave themselves facials with the local therapeutic mud, and soaked up some rays on the beach!

ACC1: I think Dave’s text to me this morning pretty much sums it up: “Cards and air conditioning on an off day after a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. High spirits. Boo ya.”

ACC2: A long, hot day for Mike and Danika’s merry bunch, but they are in for the night.  On the menu for dinner tonight…maccaroni & cheese with smoked salmon &  broccoli.  One more day of riding before their first rest day of the trip!