Day 7 – Red, White, and Apogee

Pausing briefly to reflect on this Friday before the Fourth, it’s quite a thought to think that little Apogee has trips spanning the U.S. — between Boston, Georgia, Montana, Maine and Puerto Rico, if we aren’t red, white, and blue, I don’t know who is! Lots of good reports in from the field today.

First — our first New England Mountains & Coast trip wrapped up today. David and Anna were very, very sorry to see their group leave — they had an epic day of sea-kayaking yesterday (including some bow-walking and a water war with another group of sea-kayakers), a fantastic dinner at Portland’s Flatbreads, Beal’s ice cream, and then they slept out under the stars as a group — not a bad way to finish up! David sent me one last picture — from Portland’s Maine State Pier last night.

Corley and Andy have left the rocky coast behind and turned inland through the pines and hay fields, their collective sites set on Quebec! Andy sent in the below shot of the group “enjoying” one the many hills between Camden and Quebec.

Pete and Emily’s spent their day doing service work in Camden — Pete sent in a shot of his would-be woodsmen & women on the job, but it was too grainy too include, even by our relatively low cell-phone picture standards.

Our Montanans sent in the below shot of the group maxin’ and relaxin’ with some of the local kids in Augusta, Montana. They are a group of very strong riders who sailed into Choteau before lunch today. We should also send a warm thank-you out to the Mahlum family of Augusta – who went out of their way to help us out with a busted wheel!

Down in Puerto Rico, both of our groups were also on the job — Lidia and Alex’s group worked with the Wildlife Refuge on Vieques, while Mike, Annie & Co. were with Mark Martin at the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust. Mike called in and reported a great morning with Mark and his kids at the Trust — they did some beach cleanup, were helping out around the very small aquarium at the Trust, and were looking forward to donning their snorkels to pick up submerged trash around the village of Esperanza.

Nick, Cait, Becca, Phil and the rest of the Coast to Coasters were enjoying their first much-deserved day off in La Grange, Georgia. Tomorrow, they’re back in the saddle and bidding adieu to Georgia.

In a surprise update, Rachel and Drew, deep in Vermont’s backcountry, were able to send in the below picture of their group saluting the sun from the top of a mountain. Their hike is going well, although it’s been quite chilly for early July (it actually snowed (!) on Mount Washington yesterday…).

No pictures from the Capers today, but all is well with both trips — they are both headed to Boston tomorrow, trading in flip-flops and beach sand for urbane sophistication, I’m sure.

Your humble author will be away from the computer for the next couple of days, but we’ll try to get in updates, nonetheless. Wishing you all a great Fourth!