Day 7 – Art Shots

Just another gorgeous summer day up here in midcoast Maine, ladies and gentlemen — we certainly hope that the same is true wherever you are reading this!   It was a busy day around the fleet — so we’ll get right down to brass tacks.

I am accepting useful acronyms to describe trips that have not sent in pictures — please email any suggestions to  In the meantime, let’s go with TTHNSP (I am certain we can do better than that…):

  • PCA — OK, these guys did send in a couple of pictures of their group at the “Goodbye, Oregon” sign and another at the “Helllooo, California” sign, but they were so small and blurry that I’m afraid to put them up for fear that you’ll think they’re imposter shots.   But, as implied above, their big news is that they’ve have bid adieu to Oregon’s coast and are now cruising the Cali coastline.
  • VH — Deep in the woods on the Long Trail — we’ll hear from them in a few!
  • DEX — We should hear from these guys later today, but after we go to press.   I did get a text from Josh last night — he said they were having an amazing time.   They’re off to Acadia National Park tomorrow.
  • VM — Our Vermont to Montrealers were only 10 miles from their destination when we heard briefly from Mason and Rachel around lunchtime today.   They’re roughing it tonight at their first campsite without a swimming hole.   Brutal, I know…
  • TSA — No pictures today, but I did briefly talk to Nick this afternoon.   After their gorgeous ride into the Siena area today, they had decided to take a town bus in the the “centro” and enjoy pizza on the piazza.   They’re off for Florence tomorrow and in a move that many of you may wish to emulate one of these days, they’ll be riding the “Strada dei Vini” — the Road of Wines — through the Chianti countryside.

CI – Here are our Capers before their afternoon round of minigolf this afternoon.   They should have great weather for tomorrow’s surf lesson.   And then, almost unbelievably, it’s on to Boston on Sunday!

CQB — Bonus day!   I had to include two shots — both arty in their own right and inspiring the title of today’s entry.   The first, above, is three of Shem and Hannah’s lads at sunrise this morning doing a very good album cover impression at Pemaquid Point.   The second, below, is either self-explanatory or no amount of explanation will do it justice.   You decide.

MSA — After a very successful day of service yesterday, our Montanans are back on the road today and cruising towards some of the most beautiful riding of their whole trip in the Wolf Creek / Augusta, MT area.   Anna sent this action shot from the road — nice, subtle Apogee jersey incorporation, too!

PCB — Also arty, and remarkable given that they timed this photo right.   I am 99% certain it was taken with an iPhone — that’s some dexterous shutter work with the trigger finger, Lucas!

CSA — And another intense, arty shot, what with the light and the fingers and the red- and yellow-eye.   This is our group in their van with Jorge, the island driver, in a short, intense rainstorm on their way to their current lodgings on Vieques.   Service starts tomorrow on the island.

ACC — Nothing says elation on a cross-country bike ride quite like “Mail Day.”   They’re back at it tomorrow and will leave another state behind them before the day is out!