Day 50: The Quinquagenary

“Quinquagenary” [ kwin-kwah-juh-ner-ee ] – noun: a 50th anniversary.

Today marks day 50 (five – oh!) of the 2022 Apogee summer making today a quinquagenary of sorts.  That’s a monumental milestone!  Looking back at the past 50 days, I can’t help but celebrate everything that our students have accomplished.  This summer was stuffed with more joyful laughs, breathtaking views, lifelong friendships, and unforgettable memories than my Aunt Betsy’s family style potato salad is stuffed with raisins (and let me tell you – she doesn’t go easy on the raisins)!  So join me on this special quinquagennium as we tour the Apogee landscape (the Aposcape, if you will) to take a peek at what our trips in the field are up to today.

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Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

See you next time, CI!  Today, this groovy gang wrapped up their rip-roarin’ adventure.  This morning was flooded with farewell hugs and high fives, but we all know this isn’t goodbye; it’s only a see you later.  We miss you already, folks!  Though the group has split up to travel back home, the memories they made together will last as long as there is sand on the glistening beaches of the Cape!

New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

Peace out, NEMCA!  Each and every one of you were stupendously wonderful, and you’ll be sorely missed!  Today was departure day for this tight knit group, and me-oh-my it was bittersweet to say goodbye.  These past ten days have been legendary.  Nobody will forget the friendships and fun.  Stay fresh out there, NEMCA; we’ll see you next time!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

And just like that, NEMCB is disbanding to share incredible stories from the last ten days with family and friends back home!  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.  This squad accomplished so much together, and now everyone will have memories of their time together as keepsakes from the trip.  Safe travels home, NEMCB, and don’t forget to write!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

This morning, our MCCE-ers spent time touching up their essays with commas (#oxfordcomma4thewin), de-dangling their participles, and tweaking their work.  In other words, it was a morning of busy revision!  This afternoon, everyone shared their final draft with the rest of the group during a special read aloud session.  After a week of thoughtful brainstorming, careful crafting, and inspired writing, the group headed to Portland for one final celebratory dinner.  Well done, MCCE!

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

This afternoon, MCP got a chance to strut their stuff at their very own art show!  It’s been a full week of snapping photographs and astutely editing those photographs.  But today was a time to relish in the week’s work and celebrate the talented abilities of the group.  And afterwards, the team shared one final dinner together.  As the sun sets on their final full day, MCP will bask in the floodlight of their photography glory!  Nicely done, folks, nicely done indeed!