Day 5 – Funny Hats

Your humble scribe was struggling with whether to call today’s entry “Backlit Photos” or “Funny Hats,” because of the number of pictures that featured one or the other.  I went with  Funny Hats because, well, backlit cellphone pictures are going to be with us in this little blog all summer long — and you’re going to see very few Goldfish Helmets here or, frankly, anywhere else.

In what might become a pattern for the summer — here are several notes on trips that were not able to send us pictures today.   Our Downeast Explorers hit the water today in Isle au Haut Bay — way Downeast.   They’ll be padding the stunning archipelago for the next three days, stopping at small islands to collect marine debris in a project coordinated with the Maine Island Trail Association.   Laura and Pat’s Coast to Quebecers breezed down the Pemaquid this afternoon — they promised a picture from the foggy lighthouse, but it has yet to arrive.  And our Tuscan adventurers attended to some mechanical issues way up in the Umbrian hills today that kept them from getting down to Collazzone for their service project — but spirits are high as they head for Lake Trasimeno tomorrow.

On to the pictures!

CI – Our Capers rocked their Challenge Day — here’s a (backlit) photo of the group way out at Madaket at the eastern end of the island.

VM — here’s a shot of our intrepid bikers hanging out in the lake yesterday after one of their biggest hill days of their whole trip.

CSA – After a morning digging ditches and clearing invasive vines in the rainforest, our crew enjoyed some R&R on the beach at Luquillo.

CQB — Shem and Hannah’s crew stopped through Brunswick this morning, and even used our computers to check themselves out on yesterday’s blog.  Here they are on the Brunswick Mall this morning.

VH — Our Vermont Hikers are provisioning for their five days on the Long Trail that start tomorrow.   They spent the morning doing service at Emerald Lake State Park and, umm, shopping in the Goldfish Helmet you see here.

PCA — I have no idea what is going on this picture — tents are upside down and there is a lot of vamping going on.   Andy and Danika assure me that they have things under control.

PCB — Here are several of Anna and Lucas’s crew at the top of a nasty little hill on the aptly named Seven Devils Hill Road looking no worse for wear!

MSA — Another moderately backlit shot from Montana.   Here’s two of Anna and David’s lads soaking in the sunshine and the sweet Rocky Mountain air.   They’ll be busy tomorrow with their first of three service projects.

ACC — And here is our other funny hat for the day — this is what shopping looks like on a cross-country bike trip.  We just heard from these guys about ten minutes ago – they’re cruising into Forsyth, GA as I type!