Day 5: The early bird gets the… sunrise!

 By Kelly M

Hello faithful blog-readers! Apogee trips all over the world had some pretty remarkable experiences today – some were the first to see the sunrise over the Atlantic and the east coast and others paddled through misty Pacific waters while the sun made its way from east to west. Scroll on and enjoy the awesome photos below!


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

Apogee director Kevin Cashman was the special escort for our MCJers as they took to Acadia National Park’s carriage road today! Kevin and his son, Sam, enjoyed getting out into the field and meeting some of our youngest adventurers.

Can’t miss Kevin with his high viz get-up!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Our Cape Codders took a ferry to Nantucket (on a perrrfect summer day) and got a chance to take a dip in the Atlantic. Looks like a beautiful day for swimming, boogie boarding, and lathering on the sunscreen!

You can never be too safe when on the ferry – bike helmets for the win!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Our friends in Colorado are sending nothing but big smiles and exciting reports (including three exclamation points!!!). From Tim: “Today we hiked to Hayaiha Lake and Mills Lake! Gorgeous views! Rock climbing tomorrow!”

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA)

CSA made their way over to Vieques today. In addition to traveling by foot, surfboard, and van, they can now add ferry to their list!

Hanging on the ferry to Vieques!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Our college essayists had their first of two afternoon sessions working with the fabulous folks in Bowdoin Admissions. They even found time to celebrate Chili Fest, which we hear includes intermittent chili trivia questions throughout the day followed by a delicious dinner of… you guessed it… chili!

Can’t you just see the synapses firing?

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

It was an early morning, a verrrrry early morning, for our DEXsters, but boy was it worth it! The crew made it to the top of Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain before the first rays of the sun – an impressive feat, as that’s the first point light to hit the US each morning (although, to be fair, the folks a bit further downeast in Lubec, ME, quibble with this assertion…).

Our fearless hikers!
Woah. That’s a heck of a sunrise.
When you get up that early, you’ve earned a mid-morning mountaintop nap.

Vermont to Montréal (VM)

It took a couple of days, but the sun is shining in Vermont and we couldn’t be happier! The Vermonsters ate miles for breakfast (not really – but they rode fast) and were into camp in record time this afternoon.

Quite a line-up!
Perfect place for a picnic! (Can you tell how much we love alliteration?)
Helmets? Check! Thumbs up? check!

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

The Costa Rica crowd has continued to perfect their Spanish (surrounded by some beautiful tropical views)!

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

CMC Alpha enjoyed a misty morning on the water paddling back to their takeout point. After returning to dry land, they headed northeast to check out some giant sequoias – pictures to come, no doubt!

Now that’s a view.

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

CMC Bravo headed into the backcountry today, so we may have to cling to this photo for more than 24 hours. We’ll look forward to the (undoubtedly) breathtaking scenery to come!

Photo-bombed by a Yosemite waterfall….

Coast to Québec (CQA)

CQA enjoyed a day off the bikes and gave back to the local Camden community. The rest day was well deserved and they got to soak in views like this along the way. Nice work, team!

Coast to Québec (CQB)

CQ Bravo made their way to Camden Hills today, stopping at Pemaquid Point along the way for this lovely – and very colorful – shot!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA)

Our Montana bikers made their way to the (relatively) big city of Helena. Here they’ll settle in before a day off the bikes – community service here they come!

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

NWX-ers headed into the backcountry today, but first took a moment to wrap their arms all the way around this mammoth tree. Impressive!

The group could barely link their arms around this giant tree and…
…it was so giant they needed two photos to show us!
Lunch with a side of sunshine.

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

NWX Bravo enjoyed a day of whitewater rafting. As we go to press, we’re still awaiting additional photos, but we assume they were a little busy having fun along the river. Updates to come!

Pacific Coast (PCA)

Our PC A team enjoyed a sunny day along the coast, moseying south as they continue their journey to San Fran. Once again, Grace is demonstrating a very strong selfie game!

Great view! Great kids!
Great leaders! Great selfie!

Pacific Coast (PCB)

Miles and Emma’s PCB’s turn to take on the many (well, seven) climbs of the Seven Devils today. The hills weren’t able to bring their excited spirits down, and rumor (straight from Miles) has it there were many laughs – and weird poses – along the way.

Scottish Highland Explorer (SHX)

Our Scottish trekkers soaked up some sunshine and were blown away by the views today. Lucky for us, they documented a few of them to share with those at home!

Misty green hills for days (literally).

Alps Explorer (AXA)

Our AXA group enjoyed a rest day in Switzerland, taking time to check out the local flare and strike a few notable poses as they transition from Zermatt to Fiesch where they’ll hike the Aletsch Glacier tomorrow.

A herd of moose? Reindeer? We may never know.
Man. Wish I knew what really cool thing they were all looking at.

Alps Explorer (AXB)

These explorers spent time soaking in the sights of Martigny today and, as leader Nick put it, “warm baguettes and prosciutto: not a bad way to celebrate a rest day!”

All sunshine for AXB!
Looks delicious!
Exploring Martigny!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCA)

ECCA is officially into their second country – Belgium! Off day in Bruges tomorrow! Huzzah! Here’s to hoping they’re sleeping soundly dreaming of sugar plums waffles.

Nature is trying to compete with those high viz jerseys!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECCB)

ECCB made up for the lack of photos yesterday and sent us these awesome shots of their travels. Tomorrow, on to Belgium!

Those are real Dutch windmills there, folks…
10 points if you know what it means!

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

Georgia is treating our ACC1-ers well, and they look forward to a very patriotic ride tomorrow!

What a lovely looking group!
Uh oh… perhaps Freddy ate the last Georgia peach?

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

ACC2 is enjoying their last day in South Carolina and gearing (get it?) up for their very first state border crossing tomorrow!

Ready to ride, bright and early!
Hiding out from the summer rain!