Day 5: Busy Adventurin’

By: Emily Sturtevant

[Ed. Note: Our dear scribe, Emily, was dutifully gathering pictures and typing up trip summaries all day today despite a hefty dose of post-surgery Percocet. We’ve made some small changes, but we’ve left most of her text intact – mostly because it’s kind of fun to read knowing about the painkillers! She may turn in her resignation when she sees this, but there may or may not be a picture of our favorite post-op blog scribe at the bottom of the blog…..]

Sorry if this post lacks wisdom, since I just happened to get all of those teeth out on Monday. Alas, the blog must go on! This post is a mash-up of last night’s favorites and today’s journeys.

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ):

These kiddos spent last night in Bar Harbor and enjoyed a quintessential Maine sunset after their pizza dinner. Today they were back in Brunswick for lunch and completed their community service for the trip. When the weather clears up tomorrow these adventurers will hit the water and finish up their last full day with a kayaking trip.


Maine sunsets at their finest

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI):

After their bike ride today, our Capers got to explore the wonderful island [ed. note: Martha’s Vineyard]. Looks like they received blue skies today down in Massachusetts. Tomorrow they will be having their day of community service. [Ed. note: this Cape entry is our favorite Percocet-influenced entry of the day, although there are a number of runners-up.]


Vermont to Montreal (VM):

Anna and Freddy’s crew were up and out early today, leaving behind yesterday’s beautiful camp ground! These guys will take on their longest ride yet (27 miles!) and boy do they look ready for it! Tomorrow they will trade their wheels in for paddles as they kayak Lake Champlain.

VM1-on bikes

California Mountains and Coast (CMC):

Today our CMC group started their backpacking portion of their trip in Yosemite National Park. This morning they drove to the trail head and began the first leg of their hike. We hope to see pictures tomorrow as they continue with the back country portion of their trip.

[Ed. Note: Your humble director spoke with Matt and Midge this morning – they were in very high spirits and all packed and ready to go into the backcountry. They tried to send pictures repeatedly, but for whatever reason they didn’t go through. We’re not likely to get pictures from them until they emerge from the backcountry Sunday, although they may get pockets of cell reception to push a picture or two through. Whilst in the backcountry, no news is good news!]

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA):

Another day, another form of giving back for these guys! Our CSA crew volunteered at Casa Pueblo, a community outreach program that brings Puerto Ricans together to help protect natural and cultural resources. Today they helped label jars for coffee and got a tour of the facilities.


IMG_9077.JPGAxel, of Casa Pueblo, gives our guys the low-down

Coast to Quebec A (CQ A):

After a beautiful night at Pemaquid Point, these bikers were up early to tackle their first 40-mile day! Tomorrow they will rest up as they give back to the community and take a break from the bikes.

CQ1A - Group Shot

Here’s the crew enjoying Pemaquid Point last night

Coast to Quebec B (CQ B):

After an afternoon of swimming, Capture-the-Flag, and banana boats last night, the CQB group is on their way to Pemaquid today! Everyone was all smiles today when they ran into Assistant Directors Izzy and Jack on the road.

CQB- on bikes

Izzy (back right) joins CQB for a quick picture
CQA - Chewonki

Enjoying a beautiful Maine Day yesterday (a bit more damp today…)

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX A):]

John and Erinn’s crew finished up kayaking today and are heading to Acadia National Park. Today they enjoyed a beautiful, calm and foggy morning on their own private island! No better way to welcome the month of June. [Ed Note: or July…]


Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX B):

These explorers are in the back country today! After their time in beautiful Acadia National Park, Jessi and Jonathan’s crew drove up towards Baxter State Park where they will spend the next two days on the Appalachian trail.

CI - Ice Cream

A sweet treat before their backcountry section!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA):

This crew is jumping for joy as they head towards Montana’s capital and finish up their 40 mile day! They will be completing the first bit of their community service tomorrow in Helena. Now thats something to celebrate!

IMG_1546 IMG_1559

Never a bad time for a selfie [ed. note: yes, Annika has a “selfie stick” – pretty sure that’s an Apogee first…]

Northwest Explorer (NWX):

What’s for lunch? Everything! Will and Becca’s group is cleaning out their cooler today before they begin their backpacking portion of the trip in the Hoh Rainforest. That means some whipped cream for a mid-day pick me up!

NWX - Lunch

Pacific Coast A (PC A):

West and Abby’s group seem to really be embracing the beauty that is the Pacific Coast! These lucky folks enjoyed blue skies today as it rained in Maine. Hopefully that last photo is them trying to send us their warm Oregon weather!


PCA - BeachYesterday’s salute to the Pacific

Pacific Coast B (PC B):

After last night’s pasta dinner with homemade marinara sauce and banana boats these guys went to bed early so they could tackle the Seven Devils today. With a power meal like that, there is no way that these guys could be stopped by the hills! [Ed. Note: And, indeed, they weren’t stymied – Mike and Sherry’s group were into camp by 12:30 this afternoon!]

PCB-Banana Boats

Alps Explorer A (AX A):

AXA traveled to Fiesch today and spent the afternoon resting. What better way to relax on hot day in Europe than in a pool with a view of the mountains? I’m not sure if anything could beat that!

AXA- pool

Alps Explorer B (AX B):

Same Alps, different pool. Our other Alps trip had the same idea and they also spent time relaxing in a pool over in Martigny! These guys also got to rest up and even celebrate a birthday, too! Tomorrow they will start really getting into some hiking! [Ed. Note: They certainly will “get into some hiking” tomorrow. Today was a big provision/rest day before hitting the Tour de Mont Blanc tomorrow. These warm temperatures and blue skies are a significant departure from last year’s first Alps trip. Those guys encountered snow within the first couple of days of the TMB – hard to believe looking at pictures like this, isn’t it?]


A pool with a view! What lucky campersAXB-bdayNo better way to celebrate than with friends and a cake – and the Alps…

Europe Coast to Coast A (ECC A):

More stunningly beautiful weather in the Netherlands today! ECCA found their love of boats matched their love of bikes today! During the final piece of their Netherlands tour today this group got a break from their 90 km ride on ferry. Tomorrow they cross their first border into Belgium. Maybe they’ll be able to celebrate with some waffles!


IMG_1733Forget the bikes, we’re taking a boat!

Europe Coast to Coast B (ECC B):

These Europe travelers look more than ready to take on anything that comes their way! All saddled up this morning, they prepared to do 60 km ride through the Netherlands as they get close to their next country: Belgium!

ECCAmerica Coast to Coast (ACC):

Another early and long day for our southern troopers! Today they conquered their first full day in Georgia, with another 80 miles under the belt. With long days like this they will be in California before they know it! [Ed. note: …with the small exceptions of Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, of course…]

ACC - Group ACC1 - Morning

Early mornings mean beautiful dawn pictures for the ACC crew

Feel better soon, Em – and don’t think we don’t appreciate the Apo representation!