Day 44: Last Days

Greetings, dear readers! Susie here. On this rainy Maine day at HQ, we are wrapping up loose ends, meeting with returning leaders, and reflecting on our summers. It is hard to believe it is already the last full day of trips-Apogee summers always fly by. As Kevin wrote yesterday, we are incredibly thankful for everyone who has contributed to making this summer so great. I need to add one more word of thanks to Kevin and Chad, the forces behind this entire program. Parents, students, leaders, and we here on staff all know how much work and love they put into this company, and I just want to reiterate our appreciation for everything they do. Their leadership makes it all happen.

Out on the road we have just five trips left, though all are safely in their destination cities of San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. NWX and CMC are doing service projects and exploring their cities while ACC2 soaks up the sun on the beach on their final day together after an epic journey. So, on this penultimate blog day, on to the pictures!

CMC: CC and Jack are sad to be spending their last day on trip this year! They were working on a gardening project this morning before heading into town to see the sights. Big dinner on order for tonight!

IMG_4243 IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4247

PC: Saannn Franciscoooo. It’s amazing how much cooler an already awesome city is when you have ridden your BICYCLE there! These guys are just reveling in their successes and enjoying their last moments as a group.


We have beds in the hostel, be we just want to snuggle in our sleeping bags!


We know this isn’t Seattle, but we still want our Starbucks!

NWXA: It’s service day! And exploration day! Kelly and Garth’s crew has had an amazing time in the outdoors over the past few weeks, and now they are taking some time to give back, plus they will have time to explore Seattle’s downtown, fish throwers and all! Their project is at a city park, removing invasive species with EarthCorps, a fantastic local stewardship organization:

IMG_3868 IMG_5426

NWXB: Also enjoying their successes in the great city of Seattle is Mia and Jeremy’s NWXB. Last time I talked to Mia, she was just raving about how awesome the group/trip/weather/everything have been. It sounded like a really special trip. Their crew is working in the same park alongside NWXA–they take down invasive species, and they do it in style!


ACC2: This is it, folks, the last day. Hats off to Mike and McKayla’s group; they have been just amazing on the bikes, powering across our great nation with strength and class. We are so proud of them, and they deserve every second on those beautiful beaches today! Here are some shots of the group enjoying each other’s company on the beach and in the hostel:


Nobody in the Apogee world has TV, but apparently we still know how to celebrate Shark Week!


Life. Is. Good.