Day 43 – All Over But the Crying

Hank Williams, Jr. crooned in a 1963 movie, “It’s All Over But the Crying.”  Here at Apogee, we would adopt that to say, “It’s All Over But the Crying (and some really long flights…).”   Yes, friends, it’s true — our last three trips are just about done.

Yes, three trips.  Our cross-country dynamos – who we followed as they rode from Folly Beach in South Carolina and through the low-country heat, over the Appalachian hills, into the swampy heat of Alabama, over the mighty Mississippi, into hot, hot, hot Texas where they tussled with (and conquered!) its nasty gastro-bugs, up and into the cooler, drier hills of New Mexico and Arizona, and then down past the might saguaro cactus and into the deep desert basin of Arizona and eastern California, up and over the coastal range where they finally felt that cool Pacific breeze, and finally down the hill to the beach and into the waves in San Diego – called it a wrap today.   After an epic final dinner and late night on Point Loma, it was a very early trip to the airport this morning where bittersweet goodbyes were shared by all.

Our Pacific Coast groups are both enjoying a fantastic final day in San Francisco today.

PCA: Danika and Andy’s group were treated, thanks to a very generous parent, to a Giants game last night.   Though the relatively small number of pixels do not reveal it, the game was a huge hit!   There was talk of a long walk through Golden Gate Park this afternoon before their final dinner in town.

PCB: After a long deserved sleep-in in real beds, Anna and Lucas’ group left the bikes behind and took to the trolleys to get around the city today.   It will be a great night out for both groups before their own (very) early trip to the airport tomorrow morning.

NWX: And up the coast, our Northwestern hiker/paddler/generally awesome expeditionary force is taking Seattle by storm today.   These guys will be enjoying their last night together tonight, too — and then a last group hug (and maybe just one last handful of GORP) at SEA-TAC in the pre-dawn glow.