Day 42: Birthdays and Other Huge Celebrations!

By Alex Doig

Hello to the wide world of Apogee Adventures! I have emerged from the gear barn (the Doighouse) to fill in for our beloved Annika today. Here goes nothing!

Birthday Boys! That’s right folks, today is a very special day here at Apogee Adventures. It is the birthday of our wonderful founder, Kevin Cashman!  It is also the birthday of Pacific Coast Support Guru Extraordinaire, Christian Edwards!  And what better way to celebrate than by toasting the successful arrival of VM into Montreal and ACC2 into Saaaaan Diiiieeeeegoooo! With celebrations across the world, let’s see how our trips marked this special occasion.

Maine Coast Junior (MCJA): Our junior adventurers set out on a full day-hike today. Check out the smiles on these kiddos!

photo 5 (2)“Happy Birthday, Kevin!”

photo 1 (5)Seriously, guys – we can still see you…

photo 3 (2)

These photos missed the blog yesterday, so here’s a recap on Tuesday’s adventures:

photo 2 (2)Looking fly on the Fuji Nevada. Zero to sixty in… well, never mind.

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1) photo 5 (1)

photo 4Lunchtime in the beautiful summer sun. Wish I was there with you guys!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJB): These lucky ducks set out today on their biking adventure after waiting out a wet morning in Bar Harbor.  I assembled most of their bikes, so I can personally guarantee the safest and smoothest ride imaginable.

IMG_4997.JPGPre-biking trip to Acadia’s Thunder Hole

IMG_7995Post-biking pizza with guest biking instructor Pete Cutler of Coast to Quebec fame!

Vermont to Montréal (VM): Bienvenue à Montréal! We made it! After more than 230 miles, our intrepid riders arrived at their hostel in the great city of Montréal. Tomorrow, the group will explore the city and celebrate the journey with a final dinner.

IMG_3545I think we’re getting close.

IMG_1823I really  think we’re getting close!

IMG_9652I really think we’re really close!!! Congratulations! We are so proud of you all!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC): Middle day in the backcountry. The group may be out of cell-service, but I’m sure if they sing loud enough Kevin will hear them. He’s in the same state now!

Carribean Service Adventure (CSA): “Can you say transit day?” – text from Will, as the group waited for the afternoon ferry from Fajardo to Vieques. Once on the ferry, they enjoyed some fantastic views of the Puerto Rican coast. The afternoon was spent mingling with local students and exploring the town of Isabel Segundo on the lovely island of Vieques.

IMG_0635In the ferry terminal

IMG_6360Surefire sign of a good time: giving thumbs up in your sleep!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Whitewater Wednesday!!! Today these service-seekers turned thrill-seekers took to the Flathead river for some whitewater rafting.  No pictures by press-time as they were still on the water, but we’ll have plenty to post tomorrow as they set out on their last ride of the trip into Whitefish!

Northwest Explorer (NWX): More sea-kayaking today. These paddlers have set up base-camp on Cypress Island (one of the least developed in the San Juans) and have been exploring the greater area. Sign me up please.


Pacific Coast (PCA): 41 beautiful miles of beautiful country and coastline today. Tomorrow they’re headed into the heart of San Francisco.



IMG_6164…and one with the birthday boy!

Pacific Coast (PCB): 61 miles today (after 66 yesterday!) These guys have been working hard. Tomorrow they’ll cut down on the mileage and roll over the Golden Gate into San Francisco!

IMG_0299.JPGApogee! To the top!



Alps Explorer (AX): Lots of smiles today as these Alps Explorers tackle a less rigorous, yet equally breathtaking portion of the Tour de Mont Blanc. Lakes, mountains, good friends, and hot cocoa? Sounds like a perfect day to me.

IMG_5909Lac Champex

IMG_0328Hot cocoa break. Life is rough!


IMG_5024Who are you bringing to prom?

IMG_7121Group hug with a view!

American Coast to Coast (ACC1):  They are enjoying their last day together and awaiting the arrival of ACC2 at the beach this afternoon! Airport tomorrow!?

IMG_4769Good morning, Josh!




American Coast to Coast (ACC2):  THEY MADE IT!! Sam and Ally’s rockstars are at the beach as I type!!  They are enjoying the celebrations held with parents, families, friends, and their fellow Apogee All-Stars ACC1!

IMG_1231.JPG (1) IMG_1232.JPG


IMG_1233.JPG IMG_1234.JPG

IMG_4458.JPGBoth groups together celebrating!

photoWe couldn’t be prouder or happier back here at HQ!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE): Today our future Hemingways returned to Bowdoin for a workshop focusing on interview skills. Afterward, these guys relaxed with a picnic and an afternoon of swimming at Wolfe’s Neck.

MCCE1“…and there you have the formula for the perfect blog post.”


Thanks for reading my one and only blog post this summer (Chad helped). Looks like these trips will all be wrapping up soon, meaning lots of gear is en route to my position. Better get back to the barn!

Over and out, Doig-Doig