Day 42 – From Sea to Shining Sea – Part 2

Good evening, world – live from the beaches of San Diego – our second ACC group is splashing in the waves at this very moment!  Lots of other great stuff going on, too – so let’s make the rounds:

PCA: Today it is Micah and McKayla’s group experiencing the cell-phone dead zone phenomenon.  These guys are tearing their way up their last big hill before the bright lights and big city greet them tomorrow.  It’s a wake up and a big red bridge between them and San Francisco!

TSA: Laura, Pat and their amici are spending their last night together in Rome.  Laura was not able to send a picture, but we’ll try to post any late arrivals tomorrow for parents anticipating their sure-to-be sleepy child’s homecoming tomorrow afternoon.

9 August UPDATE: Laura sent in a couple of shots from their last day together yesterday.  She reported an amazing day that included the  Colliseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, AND Vatican City.  Yikes!  When I spoke with her this morning, she said that everyone left after one last early morning dance party on the way to the airport.  She reported lots of tears, too (long time readers of the blog will know that yours truly loves tearful goodbyes!).

CSA: With their service officially wrapped up for the trip, Mason, Maddie and their gang scrubbed up donned their finest togs to explore the cobble-stoned streets of Old San Juan on their last day together.  This shot shows them earlier this afternoon at San Juan’s famed El Morro fortress.  They’ll be enjoying some delicious mofongo tonight before a last adios and  their own plane rides home tomorrow morning.

PCB: I tell you what, that number keeps getting smaller!  Hannah and Shem’s hard-chargers are looking forward to their own foggy ride across the Golden Gate tomorrow.

NWX: Live from the San Juans!  Josh sent this great shot along with the following message:  “eagles, seals, and tonnes [Ed. Note:  he speaks the Queen’s English…] of bacon, home fries and eggs.  Life in the San Juan’s is luxury.  Plus the most beautiful sunsets in the world.  What else could we ask for?”  Pretty nice, eh?  They’re off the water tomorrow before a last day exploring Seattle on Saturday.

ACC1: And now that they’ve arrived in San Diego, it’s time to show off the super sweet bike tans that David and Anna’s group have been working on over the summer…  The cool thing is that they are showing these off at the very beach where their ACC2 compatriots are arriving this afternoon.

ACC2: And friends, in a repeat of the most-anticipated moment of the Apogee summer, Mike and Danika’s group is – at this very moment – arriving at the beach in San Diego!  The first shot shows off a bit of the group’s fashion sensibilities after six weeks on the road.  They’ve got a lot of readjusting to do when they get home. The second shot is the one you’ve all been waiting for.  There was much rejoicing!