Day 41: Over the…

On this very special day for Apogee, we are celebrating hills. On each and every Apogee trip, we embrace the climb; we hope that each student will reach his or her personal apogee; we push ourselves to the top. Today, we’re going over the hill.



VMA: I spy..bicyclists. And the beautiful but mountainous route 219 in Canada. And gorgeous weather…and…wait, is that…MONTREAL? Rosa and Noah’s guys and gals have arrived in style…and early (4:30 am wake up calls will tend to make one prompt)! Commence mission explore new city. 

IMG_0172 IMG_6796

 Nice man made hill guys!!


VMB: Not a hill in sight…but plenty of Montreal! Matt and Victoria’s group are safe, sound, pumped and ready to explore Montreal tomorrow. Thursday they’ll be back home…but from here on out, it’s all non-bike fun! 


CSA: CSA esta encima de la colina! The message from leader Hannah to Kevin: “You might be over the hill but you’re on top of the world like our kiddies!” 


CMC: In perfect rhyming style, CMC’s in Yosemite…which means no pictures but many smiles to be sure. We’ll see them once they come out of the back country!

NWXA: We have a few future stunt editors on our NWX trip this year….don’t worry folks, the “hill” in this photo gets its height from the power of illusion, not the power of gravity. When they aren’t fooling us with tricky shots, the NWXers are loving their San Juan islands sea kayaking life…and with sun and 70 degree weather who can blame them?

IMG_2902 IMG_9322

NWXB: The NWXBers are can still be called the smartphone-free-ers…we’ll post pics when they come out of the backcountry on Thursday!

PC: From leader Ally: “Quite fitting that on this over the hill birthday PC is also going over what is arguably our toughest hill climb!” Congratulations from the Apo folks in Brunswick on smashing that climb!


ACC1: ACC1 spent their first day of post-trip bliss climbing this mountain of in and out burgers. Seriously. It’s a mountain. Just…just take a second to consider the amount of food in this photo and then consider the fact that it will be consumed by just twelve people. These guys don’t climb hills of food. They level them. 


ACC2: Over the hill? The ACCers know that feeling…but they also know that soon after the first mountain there will be another one..and another. Riding in the Sierra Nevada’s will cultivate this sort of attitude. But hey…at the end of all the (increasingly smaller) hills there lies the golden land of San Diego. So close guys, so close. 

IMG_0699 IMG_0837