Day 41: Rhyme With No Reason

By: Apogee’s Assistant Directors Poets


This time of year is like no other

The office is busy – our hearts are aflutter!

With rounds 2 and 3 of our trips in the field

Endless adventurous memories, they’ll yield!

Without a doubt ’tis a great time of season

so sit back and enjoy our rhymes with no reason!


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ3): 

Maine Coast Junior is well on their way,

In Acadia Park they did spend their day.


Exploring and hiking and having good fun,

They used up their day in fresh air and good sun.


Today they spent out, covering miles on their feet,

Tomorrow they’ll adventure, this time in a bike seat!MCJ MCJ2 MCJ3


Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE3): 

Today the crew

Shared their stories to all

And their feat of writing

Was not at all small


Their essays are polished

And finally done

It’s time to say goodbye

To their week of fun


Tonight they’ll celebrate

By eating out on the town

And we’re confident there will be

None with a frownMCCE

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI3): 

Today the Capers reached their final spot,

They took the ferry to Boston – it was a straight shot!


They’ve surfed and cycled and made their way,

To Boston, where they’ll celebrate – hooray!


We can’t believe all that they’ve done,

With so much adventure, friendship, and fun.CI

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC3): 

Awake by dawn, on the trail before six,

Julia and Andy’s NEMCers were due for some great pics.


They made their way up the tallest peak in the east,

Determined to tame the notorious Mt. Washington beast.


Flash-forward to the summit, 6,289 feet later,

A feeling of accomplishment that could not be greater!IMG_3081 (1) IMG_0362 (2)NEMCNEMC6

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA3): 

They headed off to Vieques

On the morning ferry ride

Each with 11 new friends

Seated by their side


It’s their final part of the trip

As they live “Island Time”

And volunteer with teens

Without making a dime


They’ll spend their afternoon

Exploring along the beach

It’s hard to believe

The trip’s end is in reach!CSA CSA2 CSA3


Vermont to Montreal A & B (VMA3&B3): 

As the saying goes, “Two teams are better than one.”

So our two Vermonster trips teamed up to get it done.


Together they rode the final 25 miles;

Twice the students means twice the smiles.


Their final destination, congrats to all!

And from all of us here, bienvenue a Montreal!

[Note: No pic arrived before going to press, but they’re all doing well and we hope to have one soon!]


Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX3): 

Packs are packed – stuffed full of food and gear,

Onto the Appalachian Trail goes this group so dear.


They’ll hike for two days carrying everything they need,

They’ll enjoying living off the grid, yes indeed!


Into the woods with zest they came,

We hope their trails are filled with fun and games!

[Note: Off the grid = no pics. Can’t wait to see their smiling faces in a few days!]


Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS3): 

Into the rainforest

Our hikers did go

Exploring the nature

Both high and low


They volunteered this morning

On a hydroponic farm

And learned about medicinal plants

To keep all from harm


They swam in cool waters

Under tall waterfalls

And hunted for tree frogs

By listening for the calls


They hike out tomorrow

And return to cell range

We can’t wait to see photos

Of all that has changed


Coast to Quebec A (CQ2A): 

Goodbye, United States. But to Canada, we say hello!

A hilly 40 miles couldn’t stop CQA’s flow.


Emily and Kadin’s crew crossed the border feeling good,

Or should we now say they’re feeling bien? I guess we could.

They’re making great progress, now just two more days to ride,

They’ve got Quebec City in their sites – it’s got nowhere to hide!CQA

Coast to Quebec B (CQ2B): 

Fifty miles of Maine’s northwoods to enjoy today,

With fearless leaders Grubes and Jess to lead the way.


I hope they keep their eyes peeled for moose,

Or maybe the moose should be careful, because CQB is on the loose.


It’s hard to believe, but they’ll get to Quebec in two days time,

But for now, spirits are high, and the group’s feeling fine.

California Mountains & Coast A (CMC3A): 

Marmots, deer, foxes, oh my!

In the backcountry of Yosemite, surrounded by sky.


Epic panoramas of the High Sierra Mountains,

Hiking miles and miles, but then again, who’s counting?


Unfortunately no cell service means no photos tonight,

But we’ll be swimming in them soon – hold tight!


California Mountains & Coast B (CMC3B): 

After a week of hiking, it’s time to rest their feet,

So Jessi and Nick’s gang changed from a pack to a fleet.


They spent the day paddling through the beautiful Tomales Bay,

Trying to spot some rays or seals along the way.


Tonight they’ll spend the night camping on the beach,

With thoughts of San Francisco in a few days, just out of reach.CMCB CMCB2


Montana Service Adventure (MSA2): 

It’s time to do service

In the National Park

They worked very hard

To leave their group’s mark


They painted and weeded

And broke a small sweat

And though it’s their last day of service

It’s not over yet


Tomorrow they’ll boat

And hit the white water

With the help of their guide

They won’t teeter-totterMSA


Northwest Explorer (NWX2): 

Picking up paddles, our Northwestern crew,

Heads out to sea kayak in the big blue.


They’ll sleep on an island, under the sky

Enjoy the lull of the waves and some seaweed stir fry.


They’ll paddle and play and explore the shore,

They could see eagles, starfish, orcas, and more!NWX


Pacific Coast A (PC2A):  

It’s Day 16

Riding along the coastline

And with only three days left

The group’s feeling fine!


They’ve got 50 miles

Of rolling hills,

Of beautiful views,

And many fun thrills!


This fabulous group

Is riding so strong

And making memories

They’ll have their life-long.PCAPCA

Pacific Coast B (PC2B): 

After a rest day

They’re ready to go

Back on their bikes

Towards San Francisco


They’re riding the coast

With beautiful views

With sights just like this

You can’t have the blues!


They’ve got 60 miles

To their next campsite

But with Spencer and Lindsay

We know they’re alright!PCB3 PCB2 PCB


Scottish Highlands Explorer (SHX2): 

Our Scottish Explorers have Olympic spirit,

Their team chants and yells? By golly, you’ll hear it!


Divided and assigned country representation

Each pair bravely defended their nation.


With Russia in red and Jamaica in yellow

Neither of the teams were fearful or mellow.


Djibouti in green and the UK in white,

Towards the US in blue they put up a fight.


Before the games was castle exploration

Making the most of their day of relaxation!


Alps Explorer (AX2): 

“Goodbye France, hello (again) Switzerland,” they’ll say,

As Will and Becca’s gang crossed their final border today.


An easier hike, but not without it’s share of epic views,

They’re getting the full Alps experience, all by way of their shoes.


A few days without service, so we’ve been lacking our photo fix,

But the wait is over, so please, enjoy these unbelievable pics.AX8 AX7 AX6 AX5 AX4 AX3 AX2 AX

America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): 

The rest day of all rest days – one never more deserved,

After a delicious dinner out last night, so nice to have food served.


So nice to sleep in, and in real beds nonetheless,

Showers, clean clothes, air-conditioning? Yes!


Abby and West’s team bringing tan-lines back in fashion,

And their feeling of accomplishment? We can only imagine.ACC1ACC1
America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2):

Just two days to San Diego, but some serious mountains to climb first,

Fortunately, being so close to the coast sure has it’s perks.


Today, Apogee’s founder and co-director, Kevin, and his wife joined the gang,

Climbing thousands of feet with Lucy and Dixie’s team, their quads feeling the pain.


Tomorrow morning, they’ll get going early, right out of the gates,

After 2,700 miles, the Pacific Ocean awaits.