Day 40: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Boy oh boy, how is it already day 40? It seems like just yesterday ACC was in South Carolina and we were saying hello to our first round of trips. But today ACC is in California and we said hello to some of our round four trips — how time flies! Here’s to forty days of fun and many more to come!


New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

Welcome to our new NEMCA crew! Today was arrival day and everyone was excited to get going. After saying goodbye to parents, this group was off for their first night of camping! And they even cooked their first camp-meal! A night of firsts for NEMCA!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

We were so excited to welcome this new group today! They look ready for a week of rafting, hiking, kayaking and more. After travelling to their campsite, leaders spent the afternoon leading icebreakers and teaching the basics of camp set-up. They’re ready to take New England by storm!

Caribbean Service (CS)

The CS trip performed a service project this morning at the Vieques Humane Society, where they cleared and reorganized a utility shed. They even got to play with some dogs and kitties! Looks like a beautiful day to be doing service work.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

Today this crew woke up EARLY for a morning hike in Acadia National Park to see the sunrise. After rising early, this group needed a little downtime and some more shut-eye before the sun broke through. It looks like the weather held for beautiful views from their vista and some nice napping. Afterwards they headed into town to prepare for their backcountry trip. We hope they get some good ZZZs tonight before their big day tomorrow!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

DEXB travelled to Acadia National Park today and performed a service project doing some trail maintenance with a local land trust. Ocean views await them on their next couple of days in Acadia!

Vermont & Lake Champlain A (VLCA)

Today the VLCA crew tackled 21 miles together! A swim was a perfect way to cool-off after a big day of biking in Vermont. Their route today was full of gorgeous greenery and they even crossed one of Vermont’s famous covered-bridges!

Vermont & Lake Champlain B (VLCB)

Today the VLCB group cruised their way further north as they continued their pursuit of reaching the Canadian border. Beautiful lake views awaited them at tonight’s campground!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Today CRMC woke up to the sounds of a waterfall and rushing river. What a way to start the day! After breakfast, this crew set-off on a multi-day service project. They began working on a hydroponic vegetable garden that will provide food to the local community. We can’t wait to see how it turns out! No pictures until they’re out of the rainforest, but we can’t wait to see the pics of their time at the eco lodge in two days!

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Today we welcomed our GSA2 crew! After some introductions and travel to their first campsite, this group learned some camp basics before settling in for the evening by the lake.

California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

This morning CMC had a very early start and began their journey into the epic wilderness that is the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. No photos today because of lack of service, but we look forward to seeing pictures from the crew when they return to the front country!

Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

AKMCA is halfway through their trip and crushed it backcountry camping. Today was a travel day through the gorgeous Chugach National Forest before landing at camp to prepare for their next big adventure… kayaking! Below are some photos from today and yesterday with AKMCA… looks like some ice cream hit the spot after a long day of hiking.

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

AKMCB is about halfway through their adventure and today is the day that they begin to explore the Alaskan backcountry! With an early start, this crew hiked through forest, shrubby swamps and along a beautiful meandering river before settling in at camp. After their first taste of the backcountry, dinner was well-deserved.

Alaska Mountains & Coast C (AKMCC)

Today AKMCC launched off for their last day of kayaking. They spent the morning on the water, enjoying views of a glacier before getting back to civilization and resupplying. This group will be WALKING on a glacier tomorrow, so we hope that they sleep well!

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

NWXA is on their second day of backcountry camping in the North Cascades of BC. We’re sure this crew is crushing their hikes and fending off the bugs like champs. Today was full of elevation gains with incredible views of the Cascades. Sleep well, friends!

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

This crew set out for their backcountry adventures in the Olympics and hit the trail for the next six days! We can’t wait to hear about all the adventures they’re sure to have in the wonderous wilderness of Olympic National Park.

Pacific Coast (PC)

After an early start this morning, the PC crew conquered some serious hills as they headed for the coast. The ride was tough, but this group persevered as they rode through forests and up (and down) hills before arriving at camp. They definitely deserve a good meal and some sleep after what they accomplished today. Way to go!

America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1)

Believe it or not, ACC1 just crossed into their final state today. The anticipation is building with every mile – they can’t quite yet smell the Pacific, but they’re getting pretty darn close. Way to go, ACC1!

America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2)

Feeling rejuvenated by their final rest day, ACC2 cruised out of Phoenix. They spent much of the morning riding along the Arizona Canal Trail bike path that runs through the city. It’s their last big city until they reach their final destination – see you in San Diego, ACC2!